[1.4.x] The Horsehead Nebula - 4K Skybox for TextureReplacer Replaced

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22 hours ago, SinfulD said:

I was think that too, especially after I found out that it's working with DiRT without even changing the file names! I will include the instructions in the OP. But before I do that, can any of you list down the texture replacer mods that are out there other than TRR, DiRT and Sigma? I will test them before making the change. Thanks!

The original(?) texture replacer got updated a while ago to 1.4x. But it is exactly the same installation process as TRR. Or at least I think it is :blush:

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I tried to use this skybox with TRR in 1.4.3, but it wouldn't work. Maybe it's because TRR is outdated or maybe I did something wrong.

However it does work perfectly with DiRT in 1.4.3! At first I was a bit hesitant because the strong red colour seemed to be too much. But since I'm a big Barnard 33 fan I gave it a go.

Here's a screenshot! Landed in Mun using Soviet LK from Tantares and the red nebula is very fitting!




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