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After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are:https://kerbalx.com/hangars/35508 

In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a:funds: and newer will be with a :rep:

All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints

Kerbin Relay:rep:
This probe is relatibly simple but capable of doing its job .
Caithen 1
The Caithen 1 is a small and simple probe made mainly for taking photos of kerbin.On its first flights it was made to test docking capabilytys.Note:please be carefull wen using this craft because it doesn have much fuel asswell this craft goes perfect with the keiser 1 lifter
Caithen 2:
the Caithen 2 is a medium probe designed to stay at Keostationary orbit.But they are not only good on kerbin They can be placed on EVERY PLANET.just dont forget to place radiors for moho Radietors not inclueded
Ice cream finder:
in a hope of finding ice cream on minmus our cientist made this probe to explore minmus from orbit.By a mistake they actually found Ice cream....When the scanner was pointing at kerbin, Until now no one discovered the fault
Surviving Duna Crafts
Surviving mars Drone:
The drones are the backbone of every colony settled on Duna and beyond.They will go from un-packaging the rocket precius cargo to building the artificial Kerbol!.They are aswell made to survive everything that Duna can throw at them.From those little sand storms to those mighty asteroids.
Historical rockets:
Kostok 1:funds:

This spoiler was accidently place in and i will dellet it when i know how:P


This rocket is very important in kerbal kind it was the first rocket to haul a kerbal to orbit and come down safely.for now we dont now much of how ot launch stage was...
Military crafts:
The IKK-777 markerIs a small plane wich objective is to launch small cargo pods to enemy locations.This locations are ussualy camps or factories.Then bomber aircrafts go to this locations and destroy the location.
The cargo has a 50% chance of failing detachment so goodluck!
Koptic spy craft:UB3ukFx.jpg
The koptic spy craft was made for military pourposes.It can carry all kinds of military payloads.(Misiles bombs and carepackages)
SSTO and prototipes planes:
Pica 1:rep:
The Pika 1 has an interesting history behind her.Her name comes from the Kod of time and space. The pika 1 was intended to go to minmus and back and being capable of hauling colonists from kerbin to a minmus base.Do to lack of Science, funds,public interest and time the idea was scraped, 10 years after a prototipe was built it had very bad engines and it costed more money to use than a traditional rocket much of that money whent to the pilots because of how difficult it was to fly it only did 2 flights the last one ended in catastrophy..... Later in time more closer to the present a much more efficent craft was made and a much easier to fly that SSTO is the one you can now fly.
Pika prototype:funds::
the grand-mother of the Pika 1 this was is intended model back at the space race age it was intended to go to minmus but in its first flight it was proben to be uncapeble of even sub-orbital flight on its third and final flight a catastrophic engine failure caused the plane to plumit to the ground just before landing.the craft was destroyed but the pilots survived but with heavy injures after 2 weeks they both died at the hospital.
Pika 2 Orbiter:
the pica 2 is an SSTO thats made to place cargo on LKO it can carry 2 kerbals and a small sat.Now i know what you are gonna say:OMG THIS HAVE TONS OF WINGS!.so if you got something against wings well do you prefer a craft being incredebly hard to control?
Soundbraker 1:funds:
The only one of the family that made it.This was the shuttle of the past .it had an interesting desing behind it.a jet engine will impulse the plane till the upper atmosphere and then an experimental rocket engine will kick in making the pilot expirince crazy G forces.Sadly the only thing recovered was the cokpit (and luckly the pilot).On it early testing it was used by a probe and then to a piloted craft.Just in case the abort sistem was never tooken  off
Soundbraker 2:
As we talked above there was only one soundbraker that did consecutive flights the version 2 was very different from the 1.most notable that the launch system was changed.the only reason of the SB-2 to not fly much was the violent take off it did.the craft would start shaking and then flaying off only the best pilots knew how to recover from this maneuver.Later the craft was not capable of reaching the same altitude of the SB-1.With  the blueprint of the SB-2 unlocked theres only one know soundbraker left.  
Soundbraker 3:
the last one of its family the SB3 this one was the best one of all the soundwavers it could go to space.it can carry 1 kerbal but be carefull with the tempeture…..
AURORA Launch sistem:rep:
the aurora launch system may look old but it can really do its job.it can send medium cargo to orbit and can even go to the mun without wasting your probes fuel!
Kostok launch system:
this is the launch sistem that sended the first space ship with a kerbal to orbit and back.You even get a kostok 1 free as a gift:)
Kencher 1:
The Kencher one is a nice launch vehicle to launch Caithen class probes the lancher can get to HKO and deploy sats.it has incredible manuability on atmosphere and the second stage has RCS to move on space just be carefull and note that these needs LQ
Modern spaceships:
The korion is the most modern spacecraft to date its currently only used to go to the KSS and do flybys of the mun but when we get the MSS(munar space station) up and running it will even make flybys of minmus and possibly even land there ones we see how to place landing legs and make the craft look good at the same time.oh and it comes with a luncher
Korion Deluxe:rep::
This is a better version of the korion. The only difference of the 2 spacecraft is that the luncher is different.this is the first time we used the biggest fuel tank we designed thus far.We think that it can go to duna but the lander is only made to land on minmus.
Kemeni 1:
the Kemeni 1 is a modern spaceship that was inspired by some mistirius papers found at the Forest of the origins.for the kerbals that don't know the forest of the origins is a forest located at the Keurope continent,in it is said that the first kerbals were born here.and an ancient legend says that deep in the forest lays a portal connecting to another dimension,another world,some say that the portal have to do something with the monoliths scattererd throught the kerbol system.some say that to active them you have to do a special enchanment at one of laythes ocean,vall and an unknow planet called 4546B said to be at the other part of the galaxy.
P.S.sorry for placing more kerbal lore than information of the ship I didn't know what else to say lol
Space stations:
Kalsla 1
now the name don't ask me not EVEN the kerbal that named this knows how to pronounce that name
this craft is reaaly inportant for kerbal kind it was the first station on orbit of kerbin.it was 50 on operation until a nanometiorite struck the station lukly the kerbals survived but the space station was lost in space some say that its still on orbit of kerbin but no one knows were…¨
Kessna 127.1
Kessna 127.1 is the newest aircraft on the market.Even if people say it needs the same distance than a dyawing to land its still good.(plus I landed it on the island airfield.)
Kessna 120.1:
this was an older model of the kessna 127.1.This was the model I wanted the kessna to have but I waned to make it stock now well...... we have a moded one just don´t forget to have airplane plus
Kearjet 45:
The Kearjet 45 is a Super luxury plane that only the kerbals with most mony own.It can land and take off at any circunstances it is very fast.But it has not much fuel,we think the less fuel the less chances of a plane exploding.
De Kervilland DHC-Kother
the Kevilland is the newst prop on the market is a commercial craft capable of landing on any surface exept water(WAIT TILL TOMORROW TO LAN ON WATER!!!)It can carry 4 passengers and the plane can fly quite a distance.The plane is incredebly popular on the karibean for the pure reson that it can land relly roght. 
Keachcraft kerair 90 :
The keachcraft keair 90 is a private craft capable of some rought landings it has been made for transporting important kerbals during the Snack war 2. It is now used for some private flights but it isn`t as popuplar as the kear jet 45 but the Galaxi space center still use it as a reliable kerbonaut transport method
Interstellar spacecraft:(coming soon tm)
Kerbin Insterstellar Phasegate:
this craft was planed by Master Engenier Gunga Kerman after the discovery of planet that may harvest life called 4546B.the idea of an interstellar phasegate is a massive space colony that rests on varius parts of federation space.it would be capable of refueling spacecrafts before an interstellar voyage engeniers are already planing the first interstellar spaceship named Pika Infinity
Craft that will appear at my future KSP novel A million light years from home
Pika Infinity:
In the late 22 century kerbal kind has discovered the Yila sistem a solar sistem that has the 99% chances of having at least 2 planets harvesting life one of the planets is called 4546B.Kerbal kind prepared a spacecraft capable of going to this sistem named PIKA INFINITY.the infinity will be carried by a capital class spaceship called AURORA no one knows when the mission is going to beging¨NOW moving from kerbal lore to the spaceship itself :¨the infinity is a lander so you will need to carry it somehow to its destination.it can land on laythe and can move on the oceans
Statues:Non of them remaining
Pika infinity X
From the remains of the Pika infinity.Kerbal kind was capable of developing its successor and possibly the final one of the Pika class.The Pika infinity X.This one will change space travel for ever.
It can vertically take off any world with similar gravity than kerbin.
Testing says that it can reach other planets than Kerbin.And possibly even interstellar flight.
To-do list:

(maybe)learn how to interstellar extended

make more crafts for a million light-years from home

Make more modern spacestations

make Pika 2 and more.....

make flight manual for every craft

change some  fotos


I will try to upload at least one new craft every weak.

all pictures were taken from game no post procesin was used only the ones from mods

for more photos and other descriptions visit Kerbal X

P.S. plese mind my inglish im acctually spanish so dont expect perfect englis  I do try my best

If you want to make a sugestion for more spacecraft`s or to update an existing spacecrafts comment below!

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hey guys i decided because the thread is allready very long that i will post the cahnges at the comment sección to evoid the post getting to big

This weekend is the end of the first week of this thread

heres all the new craft that i made today and more will come tomorrow!

Added Pika prototipe : take a look at how the Pika 1 was in the past!

Added Korion : tired of the saturn V? Take a look at this new craft that may be a thing in real life

Added Aurora launch sistem : Need a rocket to launch your amezing probes?Take a look at this lifter it may be what you need!

Hope you enjoy all this new crafts and if liked them post some feedback below

P.S. if you have some amazing screenshots of one of my crafts post them below!:)

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hi again guys!

today i added 2 new crafts well.... i acctually posted them yesterday but i forgot to place them at the fórums:P.

here are the new crafts:

Korion Deluxe:like the korion but with a new lunch sistem and a Lander to go to minmus

Kessna 127.1:space? forget about it and come back to kerbin you have some stuff to find with this plane!

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15 hours ago, SiriusRocketry said:

I like your Kessna, very cool!


Tip: swap the fixed wheels for landing gear- more stable landing


I'll update the craft tomorrow with the rest of the new crafts and aswell cahinging some pictures to look better

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hey guys,this is the second week of this thread and with that some new crafts and an update for the kessna!

New crafts:

Kemeni 1:an OVERPOWERD craft made to study kerbin and with some kerbal lore

Soundwave 2: new versión of the soundwave 1


Updated The kessna 120.1 to have a better pic and a better landing gear special thanks to @SiriusRocketry

Changes to page:


Thats all for today and more will come tomorrrow


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1 hour ago, ShadowGoat said:

My Kod. The grammar here is horrendous. Also it’s not exactly a Vostok replica if t has no launch stage...

first of all: im actualy spanish so dont expect perfect inglis ill try my best you are not the first person that told me this

Second :

On ‎10‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 3:02 PM, KerbolExplorer said:
Kostok launch system:
still on research.

Did you read the full thing? a launch sistem for the kostok 1 is coming TODAY

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Hi again !

I posted 3 new crafts today one of them being a long waited launcher:

Kostok 1 Launch sistem: Just what you wanned @ShadowGoat!

KearJet 45:I hope you liked the pic i think is the best taken of all the other crafts

Ice cream finder:Is there ice cream on minmus?!

I aswell posted the Kessna 127.1 on here so you may see a review on YouTube of this plane aswell do you think that the Kearjet 45 should go aswell?

well thats all the news for today and i MAY place new crafts this wednesday

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10 hours ago, SiriusRocketry said:

Wow, the Kearjet is fast! I landed it on the island, much better control than the old Kessna!


Keep up the good work!

Thanks the kessna was spouse to be a propeller aircraft so the kearjet is going to be faster because it's a jet 

I didn't added a moded prop because I wanted to keep it stock


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Hey guys! today I decided to make some planes but dont worry tomorrow il post some rockets as well

Here are the new planes

Keachcraft Kerair 90:a replica of the beachcraft King air

De Kervilland DHC-Kother :replica of the havilland twin other

Kessna 120.1:the same as the kessna 127.1 but with a prop

Tommow i plan at changing some of the pics to some more cinematics ones i aswell had to delet scaterer do to some performance issiues

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Hey guys! Today i place down 4 new space crafts for you guys to enjoy,fly and crash

Here there are!

Kencher 1:new launch sistem that i made after realysing that the aurora is the only one I made

Caithen 1 and 2 : two probes made to  orbit kerbin and beyond...

Kalsla 1:first space station to orbit kerbin that no one knows were it is now.....

Kerbin Interstellar phasegate: yup its here a Phasegate for anyone thinking HOW THE CRAP DO I GET THIS TO ORBIT!!!!!! well this was made to be constructed using interplanetary launch pads

I asswell changed the Korion pic to be more fiting the perfectly of the craft

I asswell added a To-do list of crafts or changes that i `plan making


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  • 3 months later...

Uff its been WAY to long since i posted a new craft here,....The novels took some priority:/.I decided to start again posting crafts here.

I added 1 new craft or rover i should say

Surviving mars drone:Need to construct a new colony on Duna?.This guy can help you!.


Im planning to add more Crafts to the Pika class soon!

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I added 2 new crafts.Both of them has destructive pourposes

The IK-777"Marker"Time to  mark all those pesky AA,Factories For the bombers

Koptic spy craft:Time to see what the enemy is up to!

Im planning of adding soontm more craft to the Pika class(SSTO)I  have started making a space shuttle to launch the infinity to kerbin orbit,And im planning to make an SSTO capable of duna.

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