[REQUEST] How to create a command pod with IVA and Prop integration

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I am pretty new in the modding community and i couldnt find good tutorials for making IVA's. The only thing i know is that you need a model for the outside and one for the inside. 

What would interest me is : - How do you make the inside

                                                 - How do you manage it in Unity (parenting etc.)

                                                 - What cfg scripts do you need

                                                 - How do you integrate mods like [JSI/A.S.E.T/MAS/NearFutureProps]

It would help if you could make a tutorial like this


I know there are some guides on how to do it on the forum but they are either very old or just confusing.





Thank you for your help


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Hi just some of the similar questions already answered , forum search is sometimes handy :wink:

I think between those and the others you can dig up the answer easy  to find.

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