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[Min KSP 1.8.1] Kerbal Flying Saucers - Build Flying Saucers in KSP!

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2 hours ago, timbrwolf1121 said:

They work, but only when I am not pushing the saucer to its limits. I don't actually know what I am doing so I usually end up plowing through the atmosphere and blowing up any parts that can't handle it. 
I did recently learn how to use the CFG files though so I may just tweak the stock gear temp for now.

lol... it would be easier and cleaner to use a module manager patch for the landing gear. most stock parts can withstand reentry from Kerbins orbit without blowing up. how fast are you going?

if you really need to get somewhere fast, use a sub-orbital hop. it takes a few try's to get it right, once you do, you can make it to the opposite side of Kerbin in about 15-20 mins depending of how accurate you are. (it can take about 30-40 min flying hypersonic in the atmosphere.)

[1.8.x-1.10.x] Module Manager 4.1.4 (July 7th 2020) - Locked inside edition - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums


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Kerbal Flying Saucers 0.4.11 is now available:


- Gravitic engines no longer set the throttle when hover mode is active, but resources are still consumed.
- Lowered the unit cost of Graviolium.
- Added stock inventory support to storage sections.
- Graviolium is no longer produced in the Refinery (which was available at the Space Center).
- Graviolium is no longer removed when you launch a vessel.
- With Blueshift installed, parts with Graviolium storage will be able to add the resource in the editor when the resource tweak button is enabled.
- Fixed issue where gravitic engines without a rotating gravity ring would disable Crazy Mode.
- Fixed issue where Graviolium never appears in asteroids.

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Hi! Could I be so bold as to suggest a Saucer Segment that has a MK2 adapter built into it? The way I currently connect the two is via noclipped mk2-saucer engine mount adapter, but that always looks a bit weird and there's some z-fighting going on.

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