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mtShader is Null



Hi everyone!

So I have a pretty big mod list, will link it below. Yes it takes long time to first load up the game, it's okay for me cause then I have time to do the dishes :P However, I have a strange problem going on.

When I load my newly created save, I get to the space center screen, and it takes about 10 seconds for my FPS to stabilize. I have capped it to 60 cause I read somewhere that this was good for garbage handeling, if I don't cap I usually  have around 120 fps.

VAB works fine, it takes around 10 seconds to load and another 5 seconds to stabilize the fps but no worries there. The problem comes when I load the launch pad. it takes about 5-10 seconds to see the launch pad and there it sits at 17-18 fps for about 30 seconds and then kicks up to stable 60. Everytime, it takes around 30 seconds before FPS kicks in.

I opened the debug window and it was full of messages called "mtShader is Null" it just ticket on and on with more of them. Thought that this might be the cause of the long stabilizing time for me. Closed down the game and opened my KSP log only to find that theres is like a million lines with "mtShader is Null" I kid you not, it's insane, it can be between 10 and almost up to 50 lines per second of this text.

Now I'm no tech guru but it feels like this should draw performance, the game make some kind of calculation to get this message out so it must tank the cpu with it. Can anyone help me figure out this? I have absolutely minimum knowledge about these kind of things.

I will provide with ksp log and output log, also I will show you my modlist. Huge thanks in advance!

KSP log and Output Log


Update: I have investigated further and it seems like it might have to do with HullcameraVDS.

I saw that another one had the same problem in that thread.


Update 2: Well, I deleted HullcameraVDS and I no longer get this error message, so thats great, and I cut around 5 seconds on the load for stable fps :P still 25 seconds from seeing the vessle until the fps is stable :D

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Alright here's the last update, I found out what was causing the 25 seconds to stability on launchpad. I installed SETI meta mod pack and accidentally forgot to uncheck the remotetechconfig. That config more or less destroys the whole purpose of RemoteTech so ofcourse I don't want that. After deleting that mod I still have 10 seconds loading to launchpad as usual, same as for VAB or SpaceCenter, however only 2 seconds to stable fps now. Totally insane.

This though goes for a new save. Unfortunately the config is still in my old save and I don't know how to get rid of it. Is it possible to change the save file somehow or do I just have to start over again? Maybe thats easier? 


Update: so it seems that I found a solution. Just replace the remotetechconfig with the standard one. Just took it from a clean save and all stations were gone. However, the fps problem is only solved in sandbox mode. I'm suspecting it's because of all the contracts. I guess that the game somehow check contract parameters each time you load a vessle. Which is kind of sad. Would be alot better if it only checked the active ones and not all avaible ones if this is how it works?  

In sandbox mode it takes about 1 seconds from when I see my ship on the launchpad until I have stable fps, in career it still takes about 25/30 seconds. Shame

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