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[1.3 Crash on Loading Menu] - RSS Install


I was able to get RSS to work but I can't remember which mods I had working and placed in the folder at the time. Then I lost that game folder (thanks steam for moving my steam folder and immediately installing over my install :P).

I am still removing a few mods and running to see why it is failing at the Menu scene loading.

I've redownloaded the toolbar mod and DRE but still have errors.

Would love some help.

GameData Folder:





I'll keep experimenting but I'm not great with decyphering the exceptions to narrow down the causes but if someone knows of any mod compatibility issue seen in the GameData folder and can save me time (I'd love to play this tonight :/) I'd appreciate it!

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I narrowed it down to ContractConfigurator (and ContractPacks), Cool Rockets and MP_Nazari, and TweakableEverything (Dependancy is Toadacious Tools). I took them out and it worked fine. Then I added TweakableEverything/Toadacious back in and it ran fine. Next I added  MP_Nazari/CoolRockets and ContractConfigurator/ContractPacks and it failed. Then I added MP_Nazari/CoolRockets and it ran fine so obviously it was ContractConfig/Packs right? Well for some reason after adding everything else, I re-added ContractConfig/Packs back in (in order to take out the packs one at a time to figure out what was causing the crash) and... it ran. So I honestly have no idea why it worked out like that.

Maybe someone can explain this but it worked so all is well in my book :kiss:

*Edit* I forgot to mention that I had crashes after the mods above were removed from USI and associated mods. I updated that and it ran, so then decided to update CC to it's latest version (which I believe was the same version however when updating one file was smaller) but it has worked since that update. I imagine it was a file that cocanates the packs for loading, and there was lingering data in that file so re-adding it from a vanilla point and having the packs update said file may have been the fix however I can't be sure because I don't remember the file's name as I clicked "copy over" too quickly...

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