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Have you ever done something really cool completely by accident?


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I checked in on the Minmus refinery ops the other day; it had been a long time since I paid any attention to it.  The (landed) lander was full, having been running for a few months in the background, and I had some time before The Overlord (a.k.a Kerbal Alarm Clock) needed me...  So it was time to get the lander back to the orbital fuel depot, and I launched.  Couldn't (or didn't) remember what altitude the depot was at, but figured it was about 50km, just like the (nearly) identical operations on Mun and Ike.

Once I circularized at 25km, I (finally) switched to map view to target the depot and set up my rendezvous...  and couldn't spot it at first.  Going back to flight view, I found it: just under 200m away.  Accidental launch to rendezvous!  And, I must admit, closer than if I had tried to r-v that way...

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