Hill Space Program Part 9: Rescue Mission

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So, I decided to start a new science save. I'm playing mostly stock, with mechjeb and KAC. Well, enough of that stuff. Time for the mission report.




The first launch is pretty much the same as all first launches.


...and I forgot to check my staging,


The decision is made to bail out, for safety reasons. In other words, I hadn't yet gotten a chance to mess around with the new parachutes.


Jeb landed quite close to the A-1 Bunnyhop. Well, enough screwing around.


First off, I made a capsule.


An then I stuck it on a rocket. Why 2 stages? Because 1 wasn't cool enough.


Stage 1 seperation was nominal.


As was stage 2.


Jeb made it into space, did a quick EVA, and ran the experiments.


The parachutes deployed worryingly low, at only around 500m. I'll need to tweak the parachutes in future rockets.


Yup, that's some nice science.


And that's all for today.

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Day 2 of the Hill Space Program, not yet in orbit, but getting there.



Here's the first rocket of the day, the A-3 Trampoline.


Stage one seperation. The rocket could've used more control authority.


Stage two separation


Well, that's not right. 


Looks like Jeb's not staying in space today. Time to recover and try again.


The A-4 has larger tanks, and uses Swivels instead of Reliants


Beginning the gravity turn.


Stage 1 seperation


Stage 2 seperation


And burning through the rest of stage 3 at the apoapsis.


Still not an orbit, but it's much closer.


This doesn't look right, not at all. It didn't affect recovery any though



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Part 3, being the third installment in the writings of Roboslacker.



First off, here's the A-5 Staythere, with the goal of getting into orbit. The launch went well, and the craft got into orbit just fine.


In fact, there was quite a bit of fuel left over. Mission control ordered Jeb to try to do a munar flyby, but there enough fuel left. But he did get some high orbit science.


It's a long way down.


Re-entry got a bit hot, but nothing broke. Stressful, but not as stressful as that time the capsule was pointing the wrong way on a munar return.


And what better time for an EVA that while drifting to the ground? The capsule landed in an unexplored biome, so Jeb re-ran the experiments. There was some trouble getting back in the capsule.


That's some nice science again. Time to shoot for the Mun!


Presenting the B-1 lunacy.


And then my computer crashed. What fun!


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Part 4: Throwing stuff at the mun till something sticks.


So, after the first B-1 lunacy just exploded during launch, it was decided to do everything exactly the same during the next launch. And so the B-1 lunacy 2 was sent into space. Power margins were slim, so mission control ordered one battery bank to be locked down. And so it was that a space probe ran out of power with the batteries half full. Mission control learned a lot about probes from this.


Fortunately, the fine folks at the VAB had another B-1 just lying around. It was christened the B-1 lunacy 3, and launched. This time, there was n fiddling around with the batteries. It got up there, and...


...ran out of power transmitting a temperature scan. R&D didn't even get the science. It was clear that a new, innovative design was needed. After 3 weeks of intensive labor (Well, it felt like 3 weeks -Bill) Bill & the other engineers had the perfect solution: The B-2 Morepower


This is the story of the B-2 Morepower. The B-2 is nothing like the B-1. It has 4 batteries!


The B-2's ascent is flawless, and no dissenting opinions will be tolerated.

c7vDX79.png cNWXjPF.png C6wSQ10.png DzbUtix.png

And then mission control left to have a beach party, and missed the periapsis. They still did the orbital insetion burn, and... oops.


Well, the B-4 can still run its experiments on the way down. (Uhm, what experiments? -Bill)




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Part 5: [Sigh] Finally



After what happened to the first B-2, it was clear that the probe needed a few teaks. Also, Bill strapped a few more rockets on, cause why not?

The launch was nominal, but that was never the problem. (Except for the first B-1. Mission control still has no clue what happened to that one)





And this time around, the insertion burn & the science transmition worked fine. (Bill, you can take the B-2 mk3 off the launchpad, we won't be needing it -Gene) (Aww -Bill)


But then we here at mission control realized we could de-orbit the B-2 Morepower mk2, and get more science on the way down. Here it goes.



Okay, got the science. Impact!


Dang, no explosion. Well, it makes sense, as there was no propellant in the probe. Well, time for R&D to start number crunching the new data. And... oh dear. It would appear that the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Space Probes (SETSP) took offense at our crashing the B-2 into the mun. Time to barricade the doors!



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Part 6: Disappointment


The administrative staff of the KSC were all gathered together. Gene began the meeting. "Police have finally gotten all of the SETSP protesters out the space center. I want a damage report from all of you. Mortimer, you go first."

"Well, we still have infinite money, so no problems there. Also, the accounting department is no closer to finding out where all the money is coming from."

Walt spoke next. "One of the protesters opened the door to the basement of the admin building, and the kraken escaped. I recommend the purchase of a cardboard box & duct tape so this doesn't happen again."

It was Linus's turn. "The protesters broke into the R&D building and wrote a bunch of stuff on the chalkboards. I don't know what it was though, because one of the janitors erased all the boards before I could read them."

Now Gus spoke. "The protesters made off with all but one probe core."

"We only have one probe core?" asked/said Gene.

"Actually, we don't have any," responded Gus, "One of the workers made a bet with me that he could design a rocket."

"What?! This means we can't launch anymore rockets."

"It's worse than that," responded Gus. "I lost the bet."


But the lack of probe cores really just meant moving up with manned exploration. In fact, Wherner had been planning a Minmus landing for some time now. A few days later, the B-3 Minmobile rolled out on the the launchpad. Jeb's face was very reminiscent of a kerblet as he fired up the SRB stack.


The ascent was just as Jeb had come to expect from SRBs; loud, sudden, and a whole lot of fun.



Though even Jeb was a bit concerned during the later part of the ascent.


As planned, Jeb finished the ascent with the lander. Not an orbit later, Jeb burned for Minmus. During the week long transfer, Wherner began to worry about the fuel levels. The lander used up more fuel in the ascent than originally anticipated. When he voiced these concerned to Gene, the answer was short and to the point. "Call it off"


"Another day, Minmus." Thought Jeb as he collected the science.


Another week later, Jeb returned to Kerbin. There was something about being enveloped in a plasma trail that always made Jeb smile.


The B-3 may not have landed, but it still brought back plenty of science.



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Part 7: We'll go to Minmus or kill Jeb trying


Gene looked at Mortimer's plans for the B-5 Minmust. "Are you sure this will work? You just stuck a new booster on the lander."

"Yes. The real problem with the B-4 was that the ascent profile was too inefficient, and the lander had to finish the ascent."

"Okay. When can it launch?"





Once in orbit, Jeb began plotting a course to Minmus. The remainder of the booster stack was used to bring the B-5 Minmust closer to Minmus's orbital plane. It was still a few degrees off, but Wherner was confident it was enough.


6 days later, it was time to land. The event was more stressful than normal, as the PR department was busy trying to reach the H.



"Control, the Minmust has landed." Jeb then did science, running the onboard expiriments, picking up rocks, writing down his thoughts, and of course, a taste test.[/im

"Okay Jeb, time to come on back." radioed Gene.

"I'm not Jeb. My name is Rocketkerb!" came the response.

Gene radiod back with a "?" and sent somebody to pull Gus out of his chalk circle. Eventually, it was determined that this was just an effect of the low gravity.

Anyway, it time to return to kerbin.


After a good 14 days floating in space, Rocketkerb began the aerobraking passes. There 5.








Down in mission control, a kerbal stared a monitor. From what he was seeing, the heat shield had burned all the way through. After thinking a bit, he decided to ignore it and went to get snacks. A bit later, a differant kerbal stared at a moniter. From what he was seeing, the capsule hatch was open. "Uh, Je.. I mean Rocketkerb, is the hatch open?"

"Yes." replied Rocketkerb. "Rocketkerb away!"


"[Redacted], Jeb." muttered Gene. "Get a recovery crew there at one!" He said, not muttering.


Science was good. Jeb was fished out of the water close to the capsule, and is awaiting debriefing to figure out what the Rocketkerb thing was all about.



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Rocketkerb... Hehehe.... 

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Interlude: Debriefing for the B-5 flight


Interrogator: Beginning debriefing for the B-5 spaceflight.

Jebediah: Why am I here? I wasn't on that mission.

Interrogator: You were.

Jebediah: No, I was on vacation. That was Rocketkerb

Interrogator: You were on the flight. All records agree on this.

Jebediah: That´s just a bureaucratic error.

Interrogator: You were recovered with the capsule.

Jebediah: But I wasn't in it?

Interrogator: Yes

Jebediah: I was just swimming.

Interrogator: In the middle of the ocean?

Jebediah: Yes. I like swimming in the middle of the ocean.

Interrogator: That will be enough, Jebediah

Due to erratic behavior exhibited in the B-5 spaceflight, and refusal to answer questions regarding the flight, Jebediah Kerman is declared unfit for spaceflight, and will be removed from the active roster.


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Part 8: New Blood


Now that Jeb was gone, the Space Center had no kerbalnauts that had actually been to space. So, a training mission was in order.


In collaberation with WWYT Innovators, the C-1 was designed to take 2 trainees suborbital. WWYT also provided a pilot to fly the thing.


"Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking," announecd Valentina, "I have lost control of the rocket and we're all going to die. But we might not. Switching to plane mode."





"Another successful landing!"

Gene took advantage of Catfield's shock to sign her up for the mun landing. A few hours later Catfield was sitting in a B-4.




"We're making a change to the flight plan." radioed in mission Control. "We are going straight to the transfer burn."



Now there was nothing to do but wait. Catfield used this time to rename the B-4.


A day later, Catfield performed the braking burn and began the landing.




There was much science at the landing of the B-4 Catfieldisthebestnothing .


And then Catfield ran out of fuel on the way up.


Well, nothing for it but getting out and pushing. Catfield was able to stabilize her orbit, and transmited back all the science. The plan now is to send up a rescue mission to get her back.



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Posted (edited)

Will Catfield get back? Dun dun dun...

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Autocorrect said Garfield.

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5 hours ago, kerbalstar said:

Will Catfield get back? Dun dun dun...

I have plans for a rescue mission, and it will tie into the overarching story nicely.

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Cannot lie, when I saw this thread's name, I immediately thought of Hank Hill riding a rocket...

Image result for hank hill

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Part 9: Rescue Mission

This would've come earlier, but my laptop started having some major overheating problems. In the end, it just needed to be cleaned, but it took a few days to get canned air so... on with the story! Also, kudos to anyone who figures out what the B-5's name means.


The Space Program administration had gathered to discuss a rescue mission for Catfield, who was stranded during the second B-4 mission.

"So, Werner," Gene began, "Has the engineering team finished the rescue craft?

"Yes, the B-5 Redi has been designed. To save on construction time, we're using the same booster from the B-4."

Turning to Gus, Gene posed his second question. "When can we launch."

"Last I checked, they were just finishing the fairing."

"What fairing?" Asked Werner, as a rumble filled the air.


"[Redacted]" yelled Gene. "Get me to mission control at once. And find out who stole our rocket!"

"This looks like a job for Rocketkerb" radiod the thief to mission control.


"Stage 1 separation" called out a kerbal.

Gene grabbed the radio. "Where do you think you're going, Je..."

"It's Rocketkerb, and there's a kerbal in danger!"

"Stage 2 separation" called out the kerbal again.

"Stop transmitting tracking station data to the B-5" ordered Gene.

"Look, I know you don't trust me," radioed in Rocketkerb, "But I'm the only pilot who can perform the rendezvous."

"Okay" grunted Gene, "You can finish the mission. But this will never happen again."


And with Gene's reluctant approval, Rocketkerb made orbit and burned for the Mun.


A day later, Rocketkerb performed the Munar injection burn.


2 orbits after that, Rocketkerb completed the Rendezvous, and Catfield EVAd over




Getting inside, she had a start. "You're J..."




In silence, Rocketkerb plotted and executed a return to Kerbin.


Both Kerbals were immensely relieved when the plasma trails cuing the end of a mission enveloped them. Catfield was just glad to be back, but Rocketkerb was also relieved that no-one at mission control realized the flight was more than a rescue mission.



A few hours later, the recovery crew came. Catfield received a hero's welcome, and Rocketkerb was tied up in the cargo hold.


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