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Build Fly Dream - Community Edition

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Hi everyone! Hard to believe as it may be, it's been 5(!) whole years since I released the original Build Fly Dream trailer--I hope you enjoy this special anniversary version featuring the creative talents of over 80 community contributors!




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Futzing with YouTube link
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10 minutes ago, ZooNamedGames said:

That video was just too heavy for this early in the morning... you just flashed the last 5 years of my life in an instant, the best and the worst.

Ahhh... but it just set the mood for my whole day... hehehe  :D

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All I can say is... WOW!

This was a really well-done video and captured the excitement (and frustrations) I still have with this game since .18 - back sometime in 2012. And here it is now, some six years later, and KSP is still my favorite game.

Thank you, @TehGimp666 for a well-put together video.

1 minute ago, Just Jim said:

Ahhh... but it just set the mood for my whole day... hehehe  :D

Yes, but I still have grading to do... So no playing until Saturday...

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Oh man, that's good.

And, can I just say a heartfelt thank you for the original version and for the huge inspiration it's been to me in my writing.

Watching that first orbital flight still gives me goosebumps, the way you time everything so perfectly with the music. I've bought M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming album (pretty much on the strength of your video) and I still can't listen to Outro without picturing that old tri-stack rocket soaring into the sky. Then my minds-eye camera switches to that enormous, implausible spacecraft sitting on the pad. The music builds, the camera swings down to focus on those Mainsails - I can practically hear the 'We have a Go for main engine start.' coming over the radio...

And then it's lift-off!

And then it all goes pear-shaped but we'll not worry about that. :) 


Thank you. Thank you for them both.


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Wow, this is amazing... yet again you've hit the snare. This fills me with emotion.


@SQUAD, this really should be on JoolTube!

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I must admit: I almost teared up (and this is very rare in my case). Just beautiful fiitting music to a fantastic image composing from a brilliant game! :wub:

I love KSP! One of the best games (if not the best) I have ever played. Heck....I wasn't even on a planet yet. :sealed: It skyrocketed my interest in space, space flight, the moon landings and so on. The same is true for my understanding of orbital mechanics. KSP conveys this so vivid.


I learned so much 'just' because of a game (which game can claim the same at all?!). Not only from the game itself but also from  the ignition of a thirst for knowledge spark. Just like a rocket. :)

So I would like to give SQUAD a BIG THANK YOU! for making Kerbal Space Program. And also to the MODDERS, because they make KSP even better! Thank you very much.


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