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Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3 and Making History 1.2 is live!

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1 hour ago, razark said:

About 70-80% of forum users, usually.

Well even when devs read every suggestion, there will be many suggestions they don't agree with, and attempting to respond to every suggestion with a rational reason why they don't agree would be a huge time sink.  (Not to mention that it would probably lead to even more flame wars about devs not listening to their users.  Far too many people seem to confuse devs not agreeing with them, or devs having a different vision of the game, with devs not listening to them).

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11 hours ago, selfish_meme said:

Paragliders, cue heatshield and chair Emergency Evacuation pods!

They were already viable in stock with a set of winglets and a reaction wheel, if a little suspension of disbelief breaking...


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1 hour ago, Errol said:

Nyan cat doesn't come from the base game, it usually comes from Module Manager.

Nyan cat flies across the loading screen of a stock game on the 1st of April every year...

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3 hours ago, klgraham1013 said:

Are those Kerbals 1 to 1 scale cardboard cut outs?  ...and how can I get one? 


2 hours ago, Just Jim said:

Awww man... I want a giant cardboard kerbal!!!  :wub:

Likewise, but I'd also settle for a Valentina blueprint, I would love to see her floating around inside my windowed tower PC 

1k0.jpg@Darth Badie, would you be able to upload it somewhere like you did with the Mk1-2 Command Pod:wub:

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16 minutes ago, Ultimate Steve said:





To tone down the excitement a bit, here are some things that @SQUAD didn't fix:

  • The huge lag when entering the main menu, either on startup or via "Exit to main menu" hasn't been fixed. It wasn't there in 1.3.1 or any previous version, so what's up with that?
  • Upon changing the version from 1.4.1 to 1.4.3, KSP reset its resolution back to 1680x1050. For perfomance reasons I reduced the resolution to 1280x800.
  • FL-T100 Fuel Tank radially clips more than any other size 1 fuel tank.


  • FL-T400 Fuel Tank and FL-T800 Fuel tanks have their upper attachment node too low. This results in Z-fighting, as (barely, unfortunately) shown by these satellite dishes (compare to the unaffected FL-T200 and 100):


  • Opinion: I actually liked the (menu) music playing over the settings screen, same with the bird chirping in the KSC scene. It feels like something is missing.
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1 hour ago, Mrcarrot said:

Nyan cat flies across the loading screen of a stock game on the 1st of April every year...

Only if you have module manager in your GameData folder does the nyan cat show up

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15 hours ago, UomoCapra said:

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:


=================================== v1.4.3 ============================================================
+++ Improvements

* Vessel ground positioning for landed vessels improved (Default is true).


Hi @UomoCapra, can you elaborate on this one? What was improved exactly?

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