Kerbal Navy Shipyard Reloaded (Now with 3 new ships and some announcments in the comments)

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Time to seriously update my navy project by making an all new post that will hopefully be better than the old one that was kept barely together with rolls of duct-tape and WD-40.


Kerbal Navy Shipyard Reloaded

The KNS has been designing and building ships for over a year now. Our catalog has included, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, and a whole host of other ships.

Over that time we have taken a huge effort to try and come up with the most economical designs (reduced part-count) possible while still producing interesting and good to look at designs.

We wanted to up our standards high and keep our catalogues a little more clear and clean, we also had a lot of our ship disabled due to unknown issues, we didn't want that broken stuff hanging around.

EDIT: Tough they may be broken, some of the old designs where just too good to let go and not showcase here.


Including our fully built designs, we have now started an initiative to promote other shipyards to design their own ships by using fully built hulls towed from our shipyards to their dry-docks so that they can be equipped with pretty-much whatever they can come-up with.

Yes, now you can make your own ships using my tried and tested hulls that have all the necessary engines and action-groups all figured out.



Basically, the KNS is an ongoing project to create an entire fleet of ships from the smallest gunboat to the largest aircraft-carriers and battleships.

So far, the fleet is pretty complete, but there are still plenty of ship types to build, and plenty of eras from witch to build them.

The range of ships in this project goes all the way from the "pre-dreadnaught era" to WWI, WWII, all the way to the most modern ships.

The ships are mostly based on real life designs, or are mix-em-ups of real life ships, but they are almost never just straight-up replicas of them.

Recently my aim was to bring the part-count's of ships as low as possible, but these days im trying to bring some extra detail back.

I still try to keep part-counts relatively low to allow the ships to be used in naval battles without them turning into a lag-fest.


A big plan that never came to be

Some of you may be able to remember the little scenarios i made with my ships and aircraft...well, i had a plan that would have brought those to a whole new level.

I have always loved playing all the different PvE scenario battles in WoWs, and i wanted to do something similar to that using the new mission-builder.

There would have been a multitude of different scenarios, including: search and rescue, naval combat, convoy escort, patrol missions...that sort of thing, but unfortunately i found out pretty early on that the mission builder is a little too limited for that.


I may still try to do something similar to that, but it will require some bit of movie magic. I actually already have an idea for a little search and rescue/escort mission that i may try to do, tough it will require some enemy ships/aircraft to be made first (most of my stuff i based on USN ships. It would be nice for the enemy ships to be IJN based).


List of ships and aircraft

A list of all the ships and aircraft currently added and their types to help you find them a little easier.

Ships: (if a ship has the "OLD" tag it means it's from the old KNS post and is probably broken, so no download links.)

Aircraft carrier K.S.S Midway

(OLD) Aircraft carrier K.S.S Freedom

(OLD) Aircraft carrier K.S.S Fogue

(OLD) Sea-plane-tender K.S.S Fine island.

Anti-Air cruiser K.S.S FlySwat

Anti-Air Hydrofoil K.S.S Stingray

Battleship K.S.S Fissouri

Battleship K.S.S Fuko

(OLD) Battleship K.S.S Bongo

Cruiser K.S.S PepsiKola

Cruiser K.S.S Avenger II

(OLD) cruiser K.S.S Avenger

(OLD) destroyer K.S.S Krucible

(OLD) Destroyer K.S.S Klemson

Frigate K.S.S Kilimanjaro

Gunboat SeaShark

(OLD) KSTRB class assault boat

Medical ship K.S.S Von Kerman

River class PT-boat

(OLD) Submarine K-256 SeaWolf

(OLD) Hovercraft KHC-85

(OLD) H.M.S Nelson replica K.S.S Nelson

(OLD) U.S.S Indianapolis replica K.S.S Kerbopolis

(OLD) IJN Kongo replica K.S.S Bongo II

(OLD) Research ship S.S Blue Typhoon


Carrier based fighter Fought F4U Corsair

Carrier based fighter KF-101 Gladiator

Carrier based fighter KF-18 Wasp

Carrier based dive bomber KDB-2 Helldiver

Carrier based torpedo bomber KTB-17 Avenger.

Land based attacker KF-102 FireBird

Land based AWACS Aircraft K-3 Sentry


List of mods used in this project

Note: All decals from all the crafts will be removed before release, so you don't need a mod for those. I use Nebula Decals to add them.


BD-armory is used in pretty-much all of the craft's i have here.


All of the elevators in my carriers and all the custom naval-guns are powered by this mod.


Pretty much all of the planes here use parts from this mod.


Here is where Tweakscale would go, but seems that the forums cannot comply my search for it, so ill add the link later.

 So far only used in my carriers.


A couple handy tools for ship building is:

Hangar extender and editor extensions redux.




I will be including tutorial missions/videos here in the future.

While i get the tutorial videos/missions figured out, here's some basic instructions:

Getting to water:

Big ships:

The best way to get to water safely is to put the main engines and your right side turning engines to full, once you reach a speed of about 10m/s, turn your main engines off and just wait till the ship is off the runway, then it's just a matter of slowly crawling to the water.

Small ships:

For small ships that use control surfaces for turning, the procedure is pretty-much still the same, tough this time you have to go a bit faster to get some air around those rudders.

REALLY IMPORTANT EDIT: To make going into the water a little easier, i have now started to "pre-rotate" my ships by grabbing the root-part and rotating the entire ship, so that then i only have to go forwards to end up in the water. However, it seems that this rotation of the ships seems to affect the length and width specs.

Ship controls:

Big ships:

Action-group 1: main engines (forward).

Action-Group 2: right side turning engines (turning left).

Action-Group 3: left side turning engines (turning right).

Small ships:

For small ships, it should just be press space-bar and use WASD to control.


Tips and tricks for carrier operations

From when i started the KNS project, i have built 7 aircraft-carriers, and have gotten a good amount of experience on carrier operations.

The first and the most unfortunate thing is elevators. Because of an issue with Infernal Robotics, all IR parts tend to "sink" a little everytime you go to the hangar and back for example. Because of this aircraft elevators in all of my carriers have an unfortunately short lifespan.

Another unfortunate thing has to do with the flight decks. Small gaps tend to form into the flight decks of my carriers. For medium and up landing-gears they don't matter, but small landing-gears tend to fall into these gaps.

If your small landing-gears fall into gaps in the flight decks or you find yourself in a situation that you cant turn around normally, just retract you gears, put one of your engines on reverse and voila (works for the twin-engined fighters i have), you can turn on the spot. Just make sure you don't put a single large drop-tank or something like that under your fuselage or it will become more difficult to turn.

For single engined aircraft, turning on the spot is sometimes possible by first retracting all gears, then deploying one of the main gears, this should make the wingtip a pivot-point and the aircraft should turn when you apply a bit of power.

Takeoff and landing on my carrier happens just like it does on the KSC runway, the only difference is length and width of the runway.



The dry-dock is where we build our ships, it's also where we store the ready made hulls so that they can quickly be delivered to the correct customers.

We also have warehouses full of naval guns of different types, rangefinders,AA-guns...and many other ship systems.

NOTE: a lot of this stuff is from the ill-fated Königsberg replica, some are custom, and some are from my half-scaled ships, so don't expect a consistent scale.

NOTE: Names for the hulls are not based on their size/scale, their named after the ships they came from. Also, all the hulls are crafts, not sub-assemblies.


Download link for full ship-building package (includes every hull and sub-assembly): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wxj953g9b5tnhx/KNS ship-building pack.zip?dl=0

Naval guns (main, secondary and AA)



All of the guns should already have semi-realistic speeds bound, but you can always edit them yourself.


Triple-turret from Cruiser Königsberg



Triple-turret from Battleship Nelson




Custom triple-turret for battleships



Triple-turret from cruiser Indianapolis



Custom twin-turret from K.S.S Bongo



Twin-turret from Cruiser Suffolk



Single-turret for Destroyers




German dual-purpose secondary-gun



Secondary-turret from battleship Nelson



Dummy British quad-pom pom



Dummy German quad-flak



Dummy twin-Oerlikon



German Triple-torpedo-launcher


There wasn't really a way to create 1:1 torpedo-tubes with actual torpedoes, so i used rockets instead.



CMLS (Cruise-Missile Launch System)

A simple mount for cruise-missiles.


Gun-control systems


Rangefinder for main-battery-guns


Designed to move with the main battery guns, you can do this by binding the same controls and speed for the rangefinder and the guns you want it to follow.


AA-gun rangefinder from German ships



Rangefinder for main-battery-guns from battleship Nelson


Aircraft handling equipment


2 simple dummy catapult-planes for small scale ships




Misc stuff



The tried and tested lifeboat from my earlier ships. Licensed to carry 10 Kerbals.





All of the hulls have been made by removing all of the superstructure from the original ships and then saving the plain hull as it's own craft.

So, all the action-groups should be all figured out, and they should also have probe-cores on them.


Battleship hulls 1 and 2




I have used these hulls on multiple aircraft-carriers and battleships.


Cruiser hull 1

The original, part-hungry full-hull design from the K.S.S Krucible and K.S.S Avenger





Cruiser hull 2



Actually a stretched out version of the Destroyer hull 2. Used in Cruiser K.S.S PepsiKola


Destroyer hull 1

The hull of the K.S.S Klemson





Destroyer hull 2

From K.S.S Hunter.



Gunboat/Destroyer hull

Used on 4 small ships by now, this hull uses rudders for steering, and not the usual action-group controlled maneuvering-engines.




Design office

The design office is where we design our own ships and eventually show them off to all our potential customers.


Aircraft carriers


K.S.S Midway



(sorry, but there was no way of making a solid elevator without having 4 rails)


And here comes the pride of the fleet, and it's new flagship. The Midway represents the latest and greatest in carrier development.

The ship is pretty capacious and well defended with CIWS systems and missiles.


I used tweackscale on this one to try and bring the part-count down by quite a bit, it also allowed me to make the hull very nice and smooth and have enough extra parts to spend to put some nice lighting.

Another way i achieved a low part-count (compared to earlier carriers of the same size) is by using a very minimal amount of struts.

I was originally supposed to make 2 of the 3 elevators work, but decided to go with only one as the other would not have really been needed, plus they would have been smaller.


There is one other special thing this has, and that is an experimental anti-grav device that makes the thing levitate above the water, removing any water resistance.




In reality tough, i have no idea why the carrier levitates, but i bet it has something to do with the tweakcscaled engines. Whatever it is, it's amazing, as it makes the carrier properly fast, and allows it to turn on the spot with a low enough speed.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 2x Jernas missile system, 4x Goalkeeper CIWS MK2.

Top speed: 68 m/s

Length: 169m

Width: 42.7m

Height: 33.4m

Mass: 1,912 tons

Parts: 626

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


IR functions:

The elevator in the stern of the ship, and a couple of radars on-top of the island structure can be operate from the IR window.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2rxhjvps2bbwvjz/K_S_S Midway.craft?dl=0


K.S.S Fine Island

I still think this is quite a wonderful and massive replica that turned out pretty well...at-least compared to the massive failure that was the Kerbinprise CV-6.

K.S.S Freedom

The ship i always keep referring to. This is the first "proper" carrier i made. The reason why it's "proper" is because this one is the first of my carriers to include a hangar-deck and an aircraft-elevator to access it.



K.S.S Fogue



The ill fated carrier that was promised to be the perfect middle-ground, but witch due to many reasons...lack of motivation being highest, never got released.

It was made using experience learned from the successful K.S.S Freedom, and the not so great Kerbinprise.




K.S.S Bongo

I still think this may be overall my favorite ship in this project, it not only looks good, it also has some nice details and functionality.

It was also the first ship to include my custom built IR-powered turret's, and the only ship ever to use my functional aircraft-catapult system.

K.S.S Fissouri



Designed as a replacement for the old K.S.S Great White II. This battleship, just like the ship it replaces, has been designed to have armaments against everything and anything, even cruise-missiles this time.

The ship should be deadly at any range.

The Fissouri has a very similar design to the Great White II, a U.S.S Missouri type one, tough this time a little closer to the source material in looks and armaments.


(the ship that the Fissouri was designed to replace. It was not only broken by an update, it had main battery that wanted to detonate itself when firing them)


Technical specs:

Armaments: 6x Abrams turret, 6x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 1x Patriot system with 16x intercept missiles, 16x cruise missile in custom launchers.

Top speed: 34 m/s

Length: 159.2m

Width: 17.2m

Height: 30.2m

Mass: 1,885 tons

Parts: 600

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxqomr1ah5k872a/K_S_S Fissouri.craft?dl=0


K.S.S Fuko



If what you need is shell after shell of bombardment, this old monster is the man for the job. It's old fashioned and doesn't have a chance against the latest and greatest in the fleet, but if it get's close, it can turn any ship to Swiss-cheese in moments.

AA-armaments follow the same style, useless at long range, but deadly at close-range.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 10x Abrams turret, 4x Goalkeeper CIWS MK1, 10x 50.Cal turret.

Top speed: 29 m/s

Length: 158.9m

Width: 16.8m

Height: 30.9m

Mass: 1,782 tons

Parts: 568

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6ngq1emdnldqrr/K_S_S Fuko.craft?dl=0


Light/Heavy/AA-Cruisers (basically WW2 and before)


K.S.S FlySwat


(there's no smoke coming out of the stacks because i forgot to bound them to the main-engine action-group)


At over a 100 years old, the FlySwat (renamed after modification to AA-cruiser) is the oldest still active ship in the fleet.

It used to serve in the old imperial Krussian navy as an armored cruiser. When KW2 started and the need for air-protection increased, the ship was converted into an AA-cruiser. A few years after KW2 ended, the ship was equipped with radar systems, and the old dual purpose guns where replaced with modern CIWS systems.

The aim of the ship is to get up close and personal with enemy aircraft as it has no SAM's of any kind, to help reach this goal, the ships powerplant has also been modernized, making the ship quite fast.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 16x 50.cal turret, 3x Goalkeeper CIWS MK2.

Top speed: 39 m/s

Length: 70.7m

Width: 11.7m

Height: 20.7m

Mass: 541 tons

Parts: 352

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6vkn7jq61af1rp/K_S_S FlySwat.craft?dl=0


K.S.S PepsiKola



An old heavy-cruiser based on the U.S.S Pensacola. This ship was created with a very low part-count in mind, so it pretty simple but should still have all the essential details in place.

This KWII cruiser is pretty-much as it was in the war, minus the modernized AA-armaments and gun-control radars.

The ship may be a bit old fashioned now, but it should still be able to get a few licks in with it's main artillery, and the CIWS's should be able to defend the ship from missiles.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 4x Abrams turret, 4x Goalkeeper CIWS MK1.

Top speed: 35 m/s

Length: 95.6m

Width: 13.2m

Height: 23.4m

Mass: 635 tons

Parts: 317

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6ngq1emdnldqrr/K_S_S Fuko.craft?dl=0


K.S.S Thunderbird



The fleets trusty scout and light-cruiser. Used as an escort ship and scout for larger fleets and convoys during the war.

AA-armaments are lighter than those on more modern cruisers, but it does have rocket turrets for close range fights.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 4x Abrams turret, 4x Goalkeeper CIWS MK1.

Top speed: 32 m/s

Mass: 635 tons

Parts: 317

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/do4h6rug4sd6izn/K_S_S Thunderbird.craft?dl=0


K.S.S Eagle and Griffon


(the more modern eagle)



(the older Griffon)


Like Brother and sister, these two ships where built on the same hull and share pretty much the same armaments and other specs.

These ships are good at short to medium range engagements. The Eagle has slightly better AA, while the Griffon has more rocket turrets.

For those who want, you can take the armament sub-assemblies meant for the K-class replica and use them on these ships instead, as Griffon is basically a K-class cruiser, while Eagle is based on the Nurnberg that shares it's armaments with the K-class.


Technical specs (Eagle):

Armaments: 3x Abrams turret, 2x Goalkeeper CIWS MK2, 6X 30mm chain-gun, 6x rocket turret.

Top speed: 32 m/s

Mass: 699 tons

Parts: 362

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/svr0ys4gfgfsvqv/K_S_S Eagle.craft?dl=0


Technical specs (Griffon):

Armaments: 3x Abrams turret, 2x Goalkeeper CIWS MK2, 4x 30mm chaingun, 10x rocket turret.

Top speed: 32 m/s

Mass: 699 tons

Parts: 411

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xubu95oz0hm32au/K_S_S Griffon.craft?dl=0


Missile destroyers/cruisers/frigates (basically more modern ships)


K.S.S Avenger II and K.S.S Avenger



This modernized old light-cruiser from KWII has become the new replacement for the old K.S.S Avenger. The armaments of this ship have a very similar layout to the old Krucible, witch makes the ship quite good against any threat, tough it does lack cruise-missiles.

This ship has a little more detail than usual, and compared to the ship it replaces, a very low part-count.

One problem with this new addition of detail is the stern of the ship, i wanted to hide the engines and make a more cleaner/realistic looking stern section, witch also led to me having to reduce the amount of engines.



(the old K.S.S Avenger during a weapons test)

The K.S.S Avenger was basically meant as a variation of the Krucible for those that wanted a bit more AA-firepower and a more head-on friendly main-battery arrangement.


Technical specs (Avenger II):

Armaments: 2x Abrams turret, 2x Goalkeeper CIWS MK2, 2x Jernas system with 8x AIM-120, 2x rocket turret .

Top speed: 26 m/s

Length: 94.0m

Width: 11.4m

Height: 23.7m

Mass: 832 tons

Parts: 356

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ug5kouwj6vvu90l/K_S_S Avenger II.craft?dl=0


Ye original technical specs (Avenger):

Going into the water works the same way as in the Krucible and it's dimensions and maneuverability are pretty much the same since its built on the same hull.

It does have a top speed of 44 m/s tough, witch makes it quite a lot faster than the Krucible.

Armament: 2 Abrams turrets, 5 Goalkeepers, 6 rocket turrets and 2 Jernas systems.

Mass: 354 tons

Parts: 829


K.S.S Krucible



The ship that started it all, a more modern GMD designed to take on any threat that comes too close. The ship does lack cruise-missiles witch does put it in a slight dis-advantage when going against the latest and greatest the fleet has to offer.

The ship featured a very nicely detailed full-hull, a superstructure made mostly from wings and lifeboats, witch are all features i have dropped in my designs.

Lifeboats don't really have a use since my ships are capable of operating unmanned (i just don't like killing Kerbal's), full-hulls tend to stick-out of the water too much and eat way too many parts (the hull alone in this one has about the same amount of parts as the PepsiKola and the Avenger II), and the superstructure made out of wings...it is a bit too brittle and part-hungry for my taste.


Ye original technical specs:

Top speed: 38 m/s. with its top speed it can reach the island runway in 16 and a half minutes.

During this trip it used 2850 units of fuel (estimate).

Armaments: 2 Abrams turrets, 2 Patriot launchers, 12 Hydra turrets, 2 Goalkeepers and lots of chaffs and flares.

Length: 84.3m

Width: 12.1m

Height: 21.8m

Mass: 384.1 tons

Parts: 808

The Krucible also includes some features, like a heli-deck and lifeboats (licensed to carry 10 Kerbals each).

NOTE: the ship veers to the right a tiny bit, so don't leave it alone for too long or it will be going around in huge circles.


K.S.S Kilimanjaro


(all the screenshot's of this thing moving went all fuzzy for some strange reason)


A true warship on a budget, this little baby was created as a sort of Krucible.Jr. This multipurpose frigate is good against anything...given that you arm it properly. The ships launchers have cruise-missiles right now, but they can be swapped for SAM's.

With the decommissioning of the Krucible and it's sister-ships, these frigates have become the new workhorse of the fleet...at-least until a new GMD is developed.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 1x Abrams turret, 1x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 8x cruise-missiles or 8x SAM's on the custom launchers.

Top speed: 32 m/s

Length: 80.7m

Width: 9.9m

Height: 23.2m

Mass: 654 tons

Parts: 303

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qosspm8yu94czld/K_S_S Kilimanjaro.craft?dl=0






Support-ships (cargo/transport ships, refuelling/munitions transport ships,medical ships)


K.S.S Von Kerman


(the crosses where painted red using DCK. You don't need the mod to get the ship, the textures will revert back to stock if DCK is missing)


An old ocean-liner that was taken by the navy and modified into a medical-transport.

The ship was originally unarmed. The decision to arm the thing with some basic AA came after the ship got attacked twice by land based bombers during a mission, it evaded the first attack, but got struck by a bomb in the return trip.

The ship has been a vital part in major evacuations and has rescued the crews multiple ships.

All ship systems have remained pretty-much unchanged to this day, except for the large detection radar that was added to try and make sure the ship doesn't steer it self right in to danger.


The ship is very large and can carry a lot of sick Kerbals, but is quite slow.


As the ship is most  likely going to maby be a special escort objective in a mission, i decided to give the ship a little more detail.

Yes, this one was built primarily just because i really loved the design of the original ship this is based on (U.S.S Von Steuben), and wanted to have my own.

I turned it into my own RMS Britannic to make it fit this project.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 4x 50.cal turret, 4x 30.mm chain-gun.

Passenger capacity (most cabin have been removed to save space for stretchers): 12 crew cabins with a capacity of 248.

Top speed: 22 m/s

Length: 160.0m

Width: 16.3m

Height: 31.3m

Mass: 2,517 tons

Parts: 687

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdsrxozop79e7t1/K_S_S Von Kerman.craft?dl=0


Small ships (gunboats, mine-layers, landing crafts)


KSTRB-900 (Kerbal Super Tactical Raid Boat)


She may not be as mighty as the fleets cruisers and battleships, but this little boat is really fun to blast around in in the waters of KSC.

The KSTRB is made to support troops during landing operations, and can do some serious damage at close range even to larger ships.


Ye original technical specs:

The ship creates a natural "smoke-screen" around it, if you want to stop creating a smoke screen, just pull up (aka press S down).

Has similar specs compared to the KC-33 since it's built around the same hull.

Armaments: 1 TOW launcher, 4 30mm chain-guns and 2 rocket turrets.

Mass: 46.7 tons

Parts: 236

specks of KC-33 to fill in the blanks




A useless ol tugboat with some guns on it.

Ye original technical specs:

Top speed: 40 m/s (I tried pretty much everything but was unable make it go any faster than that).

Armaments: 1 Oerlikon Millenium cannon and 2 TOW launchers.

Length: 23.5m

Width: 6.8m

Height: 7m

Mass: 44.0 tons

Parts: 274






One of my favorites from this project, a lovely little hovercraft designed to carry pretty much any ground vehicle.

super stable and fast on ground, and pretty nice on the water too.


Ye original technical specs:

EDIT: the above picks shows the old version, the new one has working maneuvering engines and KAX turboprops as the main fans...well, it did, but that version can't be accessed anymore as i don't use KAX anymore.

Top speed: 25 m/s (for now)

Armaments: one chain-gun.

Length: 20.7m

Width: 14.3m

Height: 7.3m

Mass: 95 tons

Parts: 416

You can maneuver this around wit the WASD keys when on water, but when close to land i suggest using thrust reversers instead.

As soon as IR gets updated properly, i will update the design. I actually feel like rebuilding this one.


K.S.S Stingray



A bit of a new thing for us here at the KNS shipyards, this little hydrofoil has been equipped with quite deadly AA-armaments.

Our engineers taught that the speed that the ship has would help in getting the ship to where the enemy aircraft's are in time.


Operating Manual:

1. Press "control from here" on the little probe core situated in the ships "sonar-pod" under the hull. And BE CAREFUL, as the "sonar-pod" is very fragile and will get deleted if you allow it to hit the water too fast. If that happens, you WILL NOT be able to turn.

2. Get the ship up to speed first.

3. once under top speed, pull the nose up and keep the ship steady.

4. once the ship is "flying" steadily, press action-group 1 to keep it flying automatically.

5. BE CAREFUL, as the "sonar-pod" is very fragile and will get deleted if you allow it to hit the water too fast, so take care when returning to normal floating mode.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 6x 50.cal turret, 1x Millenium cannon, 1x Jernas system..

Top speed (floating): 37 m/s

Top speed (flying): 46 m/s

Length: 34.7m

Width: 11.2m

Height: 15.6m

Mass: 161 tons

Parts: 167


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv3ufl4m21fo6e0/K_S_S Stingray.craft?dl=0



River class PT-boat


(the torpedoes where inside the tubes at first, but after an in tube detonation, they where put in the side of the hull instead)


This nippy little veteran from KWII was the formidable defender of the Kritains waterways. It carries quite an impressive load-out of weapons for a boat of it's size.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 3x 50.cal turret, 4x Torpedo

Top speed: 34 m/s

Length: 23.5m

Width: 5.2m

Height: 11.6m

Mass: 50.7 tons

Parts: 267


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fsmu748yns4mlcl/River Class KTB-245.craft?dl=0



SeaShark class missile boat


(there are seats for a crew of four in the bridge, and it can be accessed trough the lander-can doors. It is currently "armored-up", just remove the radiator panels to get better visibility)


The torpedo-boat of today, this little boat carries 4 cruise-missiles that are designed to decimate even the heaviest of warships.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 1x Goalkeeper MK2, 4x cruise-missile

Top speed: 28 m/s

Length: 23.5m

Width: 10.7m

Height: 12.5m

Mass: 64 tons

Parts: 291


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o98ioc8zl2iwdvo/KGMB-312 SeaShark.craft?dl=0


Destroyers (the torpedo launching ones, not the modern missile ships)


K.S.S Klemson




Definitely one of the more fun ships out there. This modernized old destroyer went from a small ship-killer to an absolutely devastating fly-swatter.


Ye original technical specs:

Top speed: 43 m/s

Armament: 3 Oerlikon Millenium turrets, 4 chain-guns and 2 Patriot systems

Length: 70.2m

Width: 6.5m

Height: 16.3m

Mass: 332 tons

Parts: 383

This one has about a little over 20000 units of fuel in it, so range shouldn't be a problem.


3 old WWII replicas


Taught you guys and girls would like to see these replicas that kinda all fell trough the cracks.

1 of them didn't really get much attention and 2 of them where never properly uploaded, just shown in the WIP section.

These are also all made in pretty random scales.


K.S.S Nelson


(the album in the post is broken, so here is a screenie to replace it).




K.S.S Kerbopolis

A replica that never made it due to it getting slightly corrupted, not enough to disable it, but enough for me to decide not to upload it.




K.S.S Bongo II

Supposed to be a replacement for the old Bongo that broke by starting to explode on the runway.






S.S Blue Typhoon



Not much is know about the whereabouts of this ship and it's real function. Only thing that is known, is that the ship is part of some sort of joint military/civilian research program.

The ship is nuclear powered and apparently has it's own food processing section, meaning the ship can operate on it's own for years, witch it has.


In reality, this is a ship that i made for a challenge, but found out it was way too part heavy for that, and haven't really done anything with it ever since.

I taught id show it anyways as i think it is definitely one of the prettier more original designs ive ever made.


As our Air-Arms aircraft' where later released with ships, it didn't make much sense anymore to keep it separate.


Carrier aircraft




Fought F4U Corsair



A very nice to fly pretty old little naval fighter that should do it's job pretty nicely.

This one has operated from two different aircraft carriers. It was originally developed for the K.S.S Fogue that never came to be, and was later modified with a new engine (from KAX to A+) to operate from the K.S.S Freedom II.

It has also later been modified to have two engines inside one another to improve power and equipped with more rocket-pods.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 6x 50.cal machine-gun, 6x rocket-pod.

Top speed: 190 m/s

Stall speed: 30 m/s

Length: 9.2m

Wingspan: 11.2m

Height: 12.2m (pretty sure it's not, but that's what KSP says).

Mass: 8.66 tons

Parts: 79


Action groups:

Action group 1: Flaps

Action group 2: for firing the rockets


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsoqgq3mduqhech/Fought F4U Corsair.craft?dl=0


KF-101 Gladiator


(it has stock landing-gears in there as-well cause the A+ ones are...or at-least where a little jittery and all over the place)



The ultimate dog-fighter, and possibly the ultimate aircraft in general. Seriously, this one is pretty-much as super-maneuverable as it can be.

It was originally supposed to be a Sea-Hurricane like mono-plane, but turned into a Gloster-Gladiator style bi-plane cause i didn't like the way the monoplane design was turning out.

It's pretty obvious from the stats, but i wanted to test just to make sure, and it does work as a carrier-plane. I used the K.S.S Midway for the test.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 6x 50.cal machine-gun.

Top speed: 170 m/s

Stall speed: 16 m/s

Length: 11.1m

Wingspan: 13.1m

Height: 12.5m (again, pretty sure it's not, but that's what KSP says).

Mass: 16.04 tons

Parts: 165


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/91bauuvxk16t22v/KF-101 Gladiator.craft?dl=0


KF-19 Wasp



A lovely little high-performance fighter for the new age. Built to be simple but effective.

This jet is operated from the K.S.S Midway.

For a jet, you can do some pretty crazy stuff with this one.

Like this for example.


(Talk about turning on a dime, or pitching on a dime in this case).


Technical specs:

Armaments: 1x Hidden Vulcan, 8x weapons pylon.

Top speed: 290 m/s

Stall speed: 25 m/s

Length: 13.7m

Wingspan: 10.1m

Height: 14.9m (again, pretty sure it's not, but that's what KSP says).

Mass: 14.62 tons

Parts: 69


Action groups:

Flaps are operated from the brakes button in this one, so no action groups.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6b9pbu6ehk75ygb/KF-19 Wasp.craft?dl=0




KDB-2 Helldiver



A veteran dive bomber from the war.

This one is honestly one of the more amazing to fly and maneuverable aircraft.

If you want, you can put a torpedo in the bomb-bay and use this as a torpedo-bomber as-well.

This aircraft operated from the K.S.S Freedom II.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 4x 50.cal machine-gun, 1x 1000lb cluster-bomb.

Top speed: 120 m/s

Stall speed: 27 m/s

Length: 11.4m

Wingspan: 13.9m

Height: 12.6m (again, pretty sure it's not, but that's what KSP says).

Mass: 12.56 tons

Parts: 104


Action groups:

Action group 1: Flaps

Action group 2: for dropping the bomb.


Download link:




KTB-17 Avenger



A very nice and heavily defended torpedo-bomber that should be able to get to where it needs to be, even when under fire.

It's very nice and maneuverable but is very stall-happy and dangerous during take-off.

This aircraft operated from the K.S.S Freedom II.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 2x 50.cal machine-gun, 1x Light torpedo 2x 50.cal turret.

Top speed: 160 m/s

Stall speed: 24 m/s

Length: 10.3m

Wingspan: 12.9m

Height: 12.3m (again, pretty sure it's not, but that's what KSP says).

Mass: 14.42 tons

Parts: 88


Action groups:

Action group 1: Flaps

Action group 2: for dropping the torpedo.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hb6bsqve0lzw5r1/KTB-17 Avenger.craft?dl=0


Reconnaissance aircraft





AWACS/AEW aircraft


K-3 Sentry



The mainstay AWACS aircraft of the airforce and navy. Converted in the KSC hangars from a transport aircraft that was used by the KSC staff to move sales people around the world.

Built to serve as a long range early warning aircraft for detecting and tracking aircraft and ships.


Technical specs:

Top speed: 260 m/s

Stall speed: 53 m/s

Length: 36.7m

Wingspan: 31.4m

Height: 11.4m

Mass: 52.98 tons

Parts: 230


Action groups:

Airbrakes and flaps are operated from the brakes button, so no action-groups.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/91bauuvxk16t22v/KF-101 Gladiator.craft?dl=0



Other ground based aircraft







KF-102 FireBird



The most heavily armed single-engined aircraft in navy service. It should have enough firepower to take out anything that enters it's territory.

It should also be pretty nice to fly and technically could be used as a carrier aircraft, tough size might be a problem.


Technical specs:

Armaments: 6x 50.cal machine-gun, 8x Hellfire missiles in pylons, 2x light torpedo.

Top speed: 160 m/s

Stall speed: 26 m/s

Length: 12.0m

Wingspan: 14.7m

Height: 5.0m

Mass: 13.16 tons

Parts: 126


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcunc47qp7rl8wx/KF-102 FireBird.craft?dl=0






KTH-600 Whitehawk



My own version of the ever reliable Blackhawk helicopter. I went for a more long-range option with the external-tanks. You guys can of-course remove them and add some Vulcans and rocket turrets for example (just keep the position of the CoM and CoT in mind).

Take-off can be a little hairy, but it will get you quite the distance quite fast.

I designed it around the new cockpit, not around existing ships, so it's quite sizable.


Technical specs:

Armaments: none in this version, but can be added to the wings if you choose, just keep the position of the CoM and CoT in mind.

Top speed: bout 67 m/s

Length: 17.7m

Blade-span: 17.4m

Height: 13.2m

Mass: 10.7 tons

Parts: 63


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1q20yocgwv55va/KTH-600 Whitehawk.craft?dl=0


And there it is for you, a nice little restart to the ever-growing navy project. I hope you enjoy it :).

Oh, and be sure to follow as a ton of stuff is going to be coming here, old and new.

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Ships...ships everywhere
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The first pack of crafts is here. I call it the Basics of air-superiority.

This pack includes 7 aircraft and 2 ships. These should help you keep the waters and skies above and around any territory safe from invasion.


Here's some extra picks, just for the heck of it.


(Three carrier plane replicas all nicely lined up after their carrier tests).



(Be careful when you use brakes).



(The Firebird after an emergency landing due to a small...ahem...collision with a water-tower).


Next up i think is going to be a bunch of battleships. But until that, have fun tearing up the skies with bullets and rockets :cool:...or enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a little sunbathing on the deck of the Midway, whatever suits you best :wink:.

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Time for the second update.

I did some changes to some of the descriptions (not craft descriptions).

A little quality of life addition in the form of a ship/aircraft list to make finding all the stuff that has been released so far a little easier.

And i also added a completely new type of ship, the medical ship K.S.S Von Kerman.


Next update will be put on hold for a while as now i have some other naval stuff to do in the form of the premium camo design contest that Wargaming is hosting for World of Warships (camo will be for tier VII cruiser U.S.S Helena), and i also have a really important entry exam (engineering stuff that will hopefully get me one step closer to my dream of becoming an aircraft designer in the real world) at the end of this month i need to prepare for.

The next update will include some new ships and aircraft, and will most likely also include a big flight demonstration video that will include all the aircraft made so far.

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Is there a download link where we can download evrything in one click? Thanks for crafts! Its pretty nice. :):)


Edited by Armon

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5 hours ago, Armon said:

Is there a download link where we can download evrything in one click? Thanks for crafts! Its pretty nice. :):)


Thanks :). No, there isn't one, but i might add one in the future.

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3 days full days of work, but it's finally here, a sort of new "grand naval expansion".

I went trough and added every single new ship that was supposed to be added, and as a bonus, i also added every old ship worth mentioning, even a bunch of unreleased ones.

To give you an idea of just how much work this took, the amount of ships in this post before this expansion was released was 3 or 4, now it's nearing 30.


The next part is to upload all the ready to build on hulls and sub-assemblies. After that, the KNS backlog is pretty much sorted out, and any new stuff that comes, will be uploaded individually, instead of in a large group (helps my very limited motivation, witch thankfully seems to be coming back).

I'll propably get to that tomorrow.


And here are the "why the heck not" extra picks.




(dunno why this one went all fuzzy)

Nice little group shot's of all but one of the new ships that where added. I parked them there originally for the purpose of getting the top-speeds of every ship for the post. Didn't really help tough, as when i was supposed to originally release the Grand naval expansion, my computer reset halfway trough and i lost all progress. Then came an update that forced me to take the ships out of water.

So, this time i had to take them back to the water one by one, and then take a record of their top-speeds. That alone took the entirety of day 1.



Say hello to the no-face crew (that's just their helmet's clipping trough each-other).



Remember not to go light on the struts (whats left of K.S.S Fogue)



A whole different kind of perfect landing.


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Delivering as promised.

Here is the new Ship-building pack, witch includes all the "ready to build on hulls" and sub-assemblies (mostly just custom naval guns).


And sorry i forgot, but in-case you where wondering that what kind of camo i designed for the WoWs USS Helena camo design contest, here it is.


(as you can propably make out from the pick, i printed the poster on to 10 A4 sheets and then joined them together at the end)


Sadly i didn't win anything from that contest, not even one of the 100 or so surprise packages that where given out randomly.

I feel like i might have probably done better if i had colored Helena on a computer instead of by hand.

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Time for another update.

This time i only added a single craft, a helicopter based on the Blackhawk. Taught it would be better to do it this way instead of amassing a huge pile of crafts that i have to upload all at once.


And here's some more info on that really big aircraft-carrier i was planning on doing.

The carrier itself is done, but there is a project IRL that is linked to it that i want to get done first, im making good progress with it, but it's a bit hard to find the motivation to it since it kinda came out of nowhere.

I don't wanna give too much info, but i can tell you it's quite huge, and has a lot of extra detail added, without having that huge of a part-count.

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Do the turrets follow the cursor or something? Is that an option with IR? I've been working on a battleship concept using the massive SMArmory cannons and I think it'd be cool to make a double turret. 

Also, do you make the hulls out of fuel tanks? Makes me slightly doing that they float but there are screenies.

Edited by Kernel Kraken

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6 minutes ago, Kernel Kraken said:

Do the turrets follow the cursor or something? Is that an option with IR? I've been working on a battleship concept using the massive SMArmory cannons and I think it'd be cool to make a double turret. 

Also, do you make the hulls out of fuel tanks? Makes me slightly doing that they float but there are screenies.

Unfortunately IR powered turrets can't follow the cursor, but the BD-armory howitzer's in them do, and are allowed to move a bit, so you only have to move the turret about there to get a good shot.

Yep, most of the hulls are nothing but MK-3 fuel-tanks, most of them being empty of-course. Pretty-much any other fuel-tank works well too...well, depending on the size of ship you want to make.

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Time for some new ships and some announcements regarding navy stuff.


I added 3 new cruisers based on German and American light cruisers.


Yes, the K-class has made a return, tough in a much lower part Kerbal form. So, feel free to install the sub-assemblies meant for the K-class into this one and the Nurnberg based one.


I also took the time to finally shoot a satisfactory version of the Krucible II showcase video. I also shot a video of a new submarine that will appear in the Sub/sea-plane fleet section.

And to top it all off, i also have a super-detailed ship replica i wanna show off.

So, lot's will be coming this Christmas.


And of-course, Merry Christmas everyone :).

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