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Firefly Aerospace Discussion Thread

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Okay, then, the rocket and stand are intact. This isn't as bad as I thought it was.

Originally when I saw the tweet about them attempting the hotfire, that was when Firefly got real for me. I had heard all about what they were planning, but seeing a rocket on the test stand is something else. I withheld saying anything, though, thinking I'd post it after the hotfire, but, well, space is hard I guess.

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1 hour ago, cameronisher3 said:

its a cop out

what are you talking about? if someone posts with /s what do you think that means? It's literally "I was being sarcastic" (for people too dumb to realize it in context)

Maybe we need a double-dog-sarcastic, for the people who think /s isn't enough? Maybe even the dread ddd/s (triple dog sarcastic)?

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38 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

That's a lot of green.

I wonder if they inject TEA-TEB into the kerosene between the tank and the chamber.

I know it's in super slo-mo, and IIRC it's a small engine, but that start looked a tad rough. But what do I know, I'm just armchair rocket scientist.

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