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Shower thoughts

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14 minutes ago, Gargamel said:

How does someone get into Ski jumping?    

I don't know how they start, but I'm guessing it's rapidly downhill from there.


I'm guessing it's probably a quickly decreasing choice of other options, though.

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:14 PM, StrandedonEarth said:

“Drat it! Time to clean the hair out of the drain again already??!?”


On 10/8/2019 at 7:52 AM, KerbMav said:

Always wondered how safe it would be to use one of those small kitchen blowtorches used for creme bruille for that ...

Damn it ... quoted the wrong post in my first attempt ...

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Looking at the another bug crawling along the window with puzzled face, just realized that no animal has a "glass" option in the built-in software.

They can see reflections in water and be aware of "mirror", but there is nothing "transparent but solid" in wild nature, when they are clearly seeing the path, but can't get through the barrier, and (in case of fliers) aren't even sure if they are walking or flying.
Also, as the flying insects use growing image of the landing zone to slow down the speed on landing, any contact with glass for them is a pure lithobraking, as they are sure that all solid things are far away.

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Probably everyone is already aware that it's no use in running from a bear, as the bear is a dog in a baggy skin.

But they say that bears respect the body height very much, and some tourists recommend to raise a backpack above the head as high as possible if an occasional bear is expressing its interest in a close contact.
They explain that the bear will see a weird, 2.5 meter high, bear-like animal, with big head, standing still, and looking at him, will get discouraged and leave that strange place.

So. What if instead of the backpack just carry an anti-bear equipment, like a big cartoon bear face on a stick. Or a bear-head balloon.

At last, if use a powder charge or a pump for quick inflation, this thing will make sick all bears in the range of visibility.



(And moose, as collateral damage).

The latter can be a standard equipment of some "anti-bear shelters" in the forest.
Just run to the tree with a crossed bear sign and press a button to inflate the bear repelling balloon.

Thinking a little more: what if carry a bear-head balloon with a whistle and release it for chaotically flying above the trees and bears, horribly squealing.
(If the bear is stupid and doesn't understand that he should be afraid of a tourist with a big bear-looking thing above the head.)

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1 hour ago, kerbiloid said:

If a human bitten by a zombie turns into zombie, and a human bitten by a vampire turns into vampire. then why does a human bitten by a mosquito not turn into mosquito?

It has to be a radioactive mosquito.

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On 12/3/2019 at 9:41 PM, kerbiloid said:

some tourists recommend to raise a backpack above the head as high as possible

...however, raising one's hands above one's head is the universal sign of surrender, potentially triggering the bear's Easy Meat Response...  not advisable.

[this is what happened to my cousin, R.I.P.]

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(Not politics. Just a thought.).

In high sport any doping should be allowed.

Just the awards should be assigned and given ten years after the championship/olympics, to survivors only.

For greater balance between records and safety.

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