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Looking at the starwars social ecosystem....it seems that human civilisation would do exceptionally better, could avoid at least one galaxy-spanning war if not many....if they totally eliminated at birth, anyone susceptible to force sensitivity


 I mean....its a moral quagmire but it seems that the Force has brought nothing but strife to their galaxy and civilisation.

It is implied that force sensitivity is incredibly rare, sacrificing the freedoms of a few tens of thousand seems like a good price for the security of thousands of worlds and quadrillions of people.

The only thing force-sensitives have done for the good of humanity is protect them from other force sensitives....and they couldnt even do that.

Shall we count the number of totally oblivious innocents that just died one day not even knowing that a conflict even existed, because of the actions of a few individual force sensitives? 10 billion? A trillion?



In other words:

  • Looked at from the above angle, starwars is a story about a civilisation so broken that it makes genocide seem like a viable option.
  • Looked at from another angle, star wars is a story that massively glorifies religious sects, religious war, martyrdom, suicide and terrorism. 
  • Even the most conservative approach reveals a story about a civilisation that has two classes of people - force sensitives, heroes that decide the fate of worlds - and "everyone else" whose only purpose is die at the hands of force-sensitives or crew their expendable navies (one of the whole concepts of the last movie was about the difficulty in finding simply the sheer number of people needed to crew a fleet. Who all died firey deaths in their first month on the job before even getting certified on their sidearms). A class system that you are born into, where "special" people do all the important stuff and "normals" are expended in any way that slightly assists a force-sensitive, dark or light.

...so Im trying to find the sweet, cool, inspiring fantasy story that we are supposed to show to children...?


Too cynical?

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7 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

But why necessary kill? Maybe, lobotomy is enough to cooperate.

I can accept that. Or a midichlorian vaccine maybe. Hey, if we are indiscriminate, then we are still "bringing balance".


I forgot to mention the horrifying and enormous industry of clone slave production - countless people grown by the state simply to provide expendable cannon-fodder in innumerable wars, security actions and minor conflicts. A galaxy-spanning army, grown and trained to fight and die in slavery for causes they are not even aware of, without ever knowing any other kind of life or of life outside their prison existence. Clones that leave the army are hunted and exterminated.


Its a fricken NIGHTMARE when you look at it even slightly close.

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7 hours ago, 53miner53 said:

On an unrelated note, I think I’m actually starting to see the images in that style of emoji. \o/

Excellent >:D

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2 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

Who is not a guest in this world of strangers?

One need to be invited to be a guest.

Sometimes I think I crashed into this party!


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3 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

Newton discovered the Universal Gravitation Law when the Apple fell on his Head.

  Reveal hidden contents

If it was IBM PC instead of Apple, the formula could look rather different.


Was it an Apple Newton?




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