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2 hours ago, StrandedonEarth said:

That place where things go to either get fixed or junked... REPAIRGATORY!

And it seems to take forever for it to go either way...

You mean the bottom shelf of the workbench, behind the power tools, where my kids toys went when to get "fixed" after they got broken. And then, after three or four months, when they were good and forgotten, they just sort of, went away....

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Today's date is either 21/12/21 or 12/21/21

So in one system you get a sequence that reverses the previous number and in the other you get the first 6* numbers in the Thue-Morse sequence.
It's about the closest we'll get to a date such as 12/12/12 for, well, one hundred years!

* Given that Thue-Morse can be constructed using substitutions, you can also take "21" and "12" to be the elements to give you the first three numbers.

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Absenth and Pentaborane.
Green Faery and Green Dragon.

Both are liquid, green (in bottle or as flames), flammable, and surrounded with mystic.

What if use absenth as a rocket and jet fuel?
Maybe it will succeed better than pentaborane did?

What if mix pentaborane with absenth?
Maybe the Green Family of Faery and Dragon is what's needed?

A cocktail "Valkyrie" or "XB-70".
The main component is the absenth representing the pentaborane.
(The flames from the nozzle would be real.)

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Accidentally watching the Xmas movies, I every time can't get, if they switch off the heating for the whole winter holidays?

While in other winter movies the characters wear normal clothes, like shirts, dresses, skirts, slippers, shoes, in the Xmas chronicles they are always packed into the thick furry sweaters up to the chin, the uggs, and if possible wear ski hats and warm gloves even indoors.

This always looks alarmingly, like if something happened and they prepare for survival at -40°C.
But this contrasts with their hectic fussiness and unhealthy eyes gleam, and that makes the show even more oppressive.

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People say my ideas are crazy. But history is littered with people who had crazy ideas that turned out to be genius. Therefore I must be an undiscovered genius.

There must be a catch somewhere.

Oh right, I need to make my crazy ideas work to be recognized as a genius. Or convince someone else to make it work. But then they would get the credit, oh well...

Why doesn't anyone want to try to make my crazy ideas work?

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Penguins would hate polar bears. Because those are predators living in the same climate zone.
But they don't. Because the polar bears live at the opposite pole.

The polar bears would eat the penguins. If they could.
But they don't. Because the penguins live at the opposite pole.

The seals eat the penguins. Because they can.
And the penguins hate the seals.

But the polar bears eat the seals who eat the penguins. Because they can, too.
So, the polar bears are natural friends of the penguins. And the penguins like them. Even if have no idea about their existence.

But the polar bears migrate to the south because the ice melts. And get eaten by grizzlies.
Grizzlies don't hate the penguins. But they eat their friends.

So, the grizzlies are natural enemies of the penguins because they eat polar bears who eat seals who eat penguins.
So, the penguins hate the grizzlies. Even if have no idea about their existence.

What a strange bird this penguin is.
Lives at the opposite side of the planet, has never seen any bear at all, but one bear it hates, another one it likes.

But the seals still eat the penguins.
So, they eat the polar bear friends, and grizzly haters.
Actually, the seals pursue a pure pro-grizzly policy.

But the grizzlies eat the fish which the seals eat, too.
So, the grizzlies are a seal enemy.

But the penguins eat the fish, too. Instead of the seals.
So, the seals eat the penguins who eat the same fish as the grizzlies eat, but the grizzlies they like, the penguins they don't.
What a controversial animal this seal is.

And only the fish is strict and consistent. 
It hates them all, because all of them eat the fish.

But the fish eats the fish, too.

So, by eating the fish, the penguins, the seals, the polar bears, and the grizzlies are saving the world from the being which hates everyone, and thus stopping the everyone-hating creatures break out onto the land.

Such a tricky thing this ecological balance of the good and the evil is .

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I commented to my wife that maybe our son and probably myself are a little bit Asperger's, or otherwise "On the spectrum" to which she replied "We're all on the spectrum!"

Hmm, yup. Most are probably a nice middle blue-green-yellow-orange, with some violets and red. But some stray off into UV or infrared, and some seem to be downright radio...

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3 hours ago, StrandedonEarth said:

I commented to my wife that maybe our son and probably myself are a little bit Asperger's, or otherwise "On the spectrum" to which she replied "We're all on the spectrum!"

"Good attempt. But no. Get back to your chores."

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3 minutes ago, Gargamel said:

I’m not sure if I like that every store in the town closest to me has hitching posts out front.   And they’re actually used constantly. 

When we first bought in this town we found it kind of amusing that the development we were buying in looked like a development straight out of Irvine, California, but if we drove five minutes down the main drag we were in 2-acre horse properties. And now, ten years later, the wife and I are looking at each other and thinking, "We shouda bought one of the 2-acre horse properties."

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So apparently the power switch for my shower is not supposed to get very hot, emit a strange fishy smell when turned on, occasionally switch itself off/get jammed off/get jammed on/trip the breaker and have a strange discoloured lumpy bit on the plastic? Good to know after using it for literally months like that :0.0:

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