Road To The Stars Chapter 2: Space Race

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The Kerbiet Space Program had been developed in total secrecy. That is, until they launched the first satellite, Stayputnik.

Robert Kerman, the head of the Kerbican Space Program at the time, had a fit. He demanded that they launch a probe AND a Kerbal into orbit before the Kerbiets did. Then the Kerbiets launched Kostok, with Valentina Kerman aboard.

Well, let's just say Robert was mad. REALLY mad. To the point where Kerbican spies stole the Kerbiet Kostok launcher, known as a Bluestone 3, and launched the Moho spacecraft, with Jeb, thrillmaster extraordinaire, aboard.

NOTE: Since I repurposed the Kostok spacecraft, the flight profile was exactly the same, except Jeb landed in the ocean, whereas Val landed on land. So no point posting the Moho screenshots. 

Chapter 3 will be coming next week, be ready for that!


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