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My first Minmus mission

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Hello all, this is the story of my first mission on KSP that didn't end with me crashing into the mun or orbiting the sun.


It all started when I found out a place called Minmus existed (I had never noticed it before) I decided it would be pretty cool to go somewhere other that the Mun or Kerbin so I set off with the goal to reach Minmus with Jeb and Bill and return to Kerbin with no deaths or damage to my ship. Only one of these goals happened.


I launched my largest rocket ever (so far) the "Minmus launcher V1" which is about as creative as my names get. This rocket made it to around 9000 - 13000 before I rolled it and had to crash land in the ocean.

(Sorry for image quality im on very old laptop will try inprove it for my next entry to the mission reports also couldnt find how to add attachments)


The Minmus lander V1

I made some tweeks to the original lander and made the Minmus lander V2 and it was a success. I landed on minmus but there was a problem, I had forgotten my landing gear so I had to think fast or loose my 2 best kerbals (jeb and bill) so i used my mining utility as a makeshift landing leg

Landing of Minmus lander V2 and the amazing landing leg

Minmus lander V2



At this point I knew they wouldn't survive if I tried to take back off so I had to launch a rescue mission.


The design went through many phases but i settled on the Minmus rescue V2 (of the 3 versions made)

Rescue 1

Rescue 2

Rescue 3

I also learned that more boosters doesn't always mean better during the trial and error.


At this point I launched the rescue and went to Minmus. I landed 2.1Km away from the 2 kerbals and got them into the ship.

The problems started on my decent into Kerbin atmosphere, I accidently activated the parachutes and they needed repacked so I sent Bill out to fix it. Sadly as im quite new to the game I made the mistake of doing a EVA at high speeds. To say it quickly and simply Bill got hit off the side and fell to his death. Afew minutes later Jeb landed safely on the Kerbin flatlands after EVAing and using his parachute to get to safety.


In conclusion to this I learned 3 thinks:

  1. Remember your landing gear.
  2. Don't EVA at high speeds.
  3. Don't forget that your kerbals have parachutes.

Jeb home safe


Thanks for reading my Mission report. If have any ideas of where I should go or what I should do next leave it below. Im on sandbox as still learning core game mechanics so the more missions I do the better :)


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