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KerbalEdu updated to 1.3.1e859


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KerbalEdu Updated
Has it really been a year since our last update? Time flies!
Our game-based learning platform has been keeping us busy: in the past year, we’ve put together a portfolio of 35+ great educational games with 180+ compatible lesson plans, available to teachers at a very affordable annual subscription fee. Don’t worry, though - we haven’t totally forgotten about KerbalEdu. It’s finally time for another update!

KerbalEdu version 1.3.1e859 and TeacherGaming Desk integration
KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.3.1e859. The main headliner of this update is that KerbalEdu is now integrated with TeacherGaming Desk, the aforementioned game-based learning platform. What this means in practice is that KerbalEdu now comes with lesson plans and learning analytics, available through the TeacherGaming Desk teacher dashboard. 
Most importantly, you no longer need to use a license key and tie a license to a computer every time you install. Instead, you can simply login (or rather have your students login) using a TeacherGaming Desk class ID and student ID on any computer you have installed KerbalEdu on. The number of licences you have purchased now only limits the number of students that can be logged in to active game sessions at the same time.
Instructions for getting your game up and running on the new platform can be found on TeacherGaming.com!
We are also bringing KerbalEdu more up to date with a newer version of the base game. KerbalEdu is now based on Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1., whereas the last version was built on 1.2.2. As always, no feature from the base game has been left out, so you can find everything from KSP 1.3.1 in KerbalEdu. You can look back at the changes in the base game between 1.2.2 and 1.3.1 by checking out the Kerbal Space Program version history.
New features and fixes in KerbalEdu 1.3.1e859 include

  • TeacherGaming Desk integration
    • Installation from TG App
    • TeacherGaming Desk login instead of license keys
    • Lesson plans
    • Analytics
    • Cloud saves (each student login has their own saves)
  • No longer needs an installer - installation from TG App or by unzipping
  • Fixed saves redirection
  • Fixed mission launching on OS X
  • Fixed change scene event action (mission editor)
  • Fixed STARTVELOCITYUI_LAUNCH_ANGLE translation in EHC mission 2
  • Fixed EHC 2 drapes disappearing
  • Made EHC 2 drapes more visible (red)
  • Made default graphics settings a bit lower
  • New TeacherGaming flag with new logo

To download and run this version and all future versions of KerbalEdu, you will need to transfer your licenses to a TeacherGaming account. Please follow this link for instructions on how to do so.
If you purchased KerbalEdu after July 2017 from the TeacherGaming Store, they have automatically been linked to your existing TeacherGaming account, and no manual transfer is required.
We apologize for the extra work we’re making you do! However, this will ensure a smoother KerbalEdu installation and update experience for you and all of our future customers.
Note: The Earth History Campaign missions, downloadable from kerbaledu.com, have also been updated to work with the latest version. They may no longer work with earlier versions of KerbalEdu.

Where to buy
If you don't yet have KerbalEdu, you can get it on the TeacherGaming Store. You can also buy other cool and educational games there. Go check it out!
For more information about KerbalEdu, visit kerbaledu.com.
For more information about TeacherGaming and our platform, visit teachergaming.com.


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