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Who here does stuff with Raspberry Pi, and if so what do you do?

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Pretty much just me wanting to see if anyone's doing anything hereabouts with the devices. I had a few projects in mind for mien but i was unlucky enough that mine went blewy and even with as cheap as they are I haven't had funds to get a replacement (mostly because i want 'replacement and-' because Reasons.)

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what kind of projects were you thinking of? my colleague uses several raspberries in his home. one for video security and another to temperature monitor his garden pizza oven! very cool stuff!

im more into arduino myself.  I've been making a odometer for a silly rally i compete in for farts and giggles...

and I want to make a temperature controlled fermentor for my home brewing someday.   

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I have 4 Pis.

I have 4 3D printers.

For awhile the Pis just controlled the printers, but since the USB port on one of the printers snapped off, its Pi is now running a PiHole DNS server.

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I bought one quite a few years ago, then realized a VGA to HDMI adapter costs around $100 I had a two monitor setup (both VGA) at that time and I was willing to re-purpose one for RPi. , which was waaay too much I was willing to spend. So I then set it up hooked to a TV, I managed to boot it up, but that setup was entirely not practical. 

I unplugged everything and it's been sitting on my shelf since then.

In the meantime, I've come across the VGA to HDMI adapters that cost $5 shipped from China (I swear, there was no such thing when I was trying to tinker with RPi), and I even bought a new monitor (that has more ports that I can poke a stick at, including HDMI), but I never got around to play with it again.

I'm an Arduino guy.

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Info monitors for clients/passengers and warehouse personnel.

Any 24/7 single-task computer with touchscreen with a dynamic web-page opened in browser (registration, information, check-in, process of cargo handling, etc).
(Caution: hide the keyboard, hide the mouse cursor, disable browser and system hotkeys for popup menus access).

So, you have Apache-PHP on your server and HTML+JavaScript on local nettops.

This works on Raspberries as well.
Though there are more useful nettops, but usually more expensive.

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