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Another poll  

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  1. 1. Do you think Devs should revive the idea of Story Mode???

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    • NO!!! that idea was rubbish!!!

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15 hours ago, Just Jim said:

Yes, I totally agree with this as well... which complicates things a bit. But as a fan-fiction writer, I totally agree the less "canon" the better, and the more freedom for us to make up and write whatever we want. I would try and just stick to what canon is pretty much universally agreed on, like Kerbals love snacks... and they think Minmus is made of ice-cream, but avoid adding in anything new.

I think that last sentence sums up the problems involved in finding a story that everyone can get behind. Personally, I have no problems with the 'kerbals like snacks' meme - I think of them as sort of space Hobbits; peaceable sorts who like their food and drink. But the 'Minmus is minty icecream'  meme has long outstayed it's welcome in my opinion. There's humorous, there's quirky, then there's plain dumb. In a similar vein, I don't mind the 'junkyard space program' meme within reason but a lot of other folks are vehemently opposed to it. So even with the current barebones canon, there's much to disagree over, let alone an official storyline.

As for fan-fiction, you make a fair point but If there's one thing that fanfic writers tend to be pretty good at, it's warping official canon to suit their needs. :)  I know that I'm too far up my, into my own story at this point for an official story to make the slightest bit of difference in how I intend to finish it and I can't imagine I'm the only one. For anyone starting a new tale after any official one is released - play as fast and loose with the official setting as you like, call your version an Alternate Universe story and you're good to go. :) 


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