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Here is a list of my General Aviation Aerosport aircraft, containing small diameter aircraft just right for your Kerbals wanting to go on a day out to the countryside, or a high speed trip across the ocean! More Aerosport aircraft will come daily, so be on watch! These are all for 1.3.1 too, so don't mess up! :D

Aerosport A7 Twin "Traverse"


The Aerosport A7 Twin is a small light aircraft, two kerbals can fit in it, hence the twin name. It is able to do short take off and landing, since how small it is, and that it has thrust reverser. It is used by your average kerbal, and flies like an average light aircraft of its size

Aerosport E8 "Maxim"


The Aerosport E8 is an Electrical/Fuel hybrid light aircraft, able to fit two Kerbals (Or four if you’re going to try and cram more seats in). It is no sports plane, and will fly like an average plane. (Electrical not included)

Aerosport L1X "Continental"


The Aerosport L1X is a high-speed triple engine private jet, It is highly efficient due to it’s speed. It has a large passenger capacity, and comes with colourful blue wingtips to show your dominance over all the other Kerbals, and is a luxury, mainly used for only the wealthiest.

Aerosport A9 Powered Glider "Flutter"


The Aerosport A9 Powered is a powered variant of the Aerosport A9, meaning it is able to take-off without towing, it is still able to glide, by pressing Action group 1 which toggles the engine. The A9 is also able to get to high altitudes, to take-off, go through a gentle slope so it won’t stall out. It has a low top speed of roughly 40m/s, meaning a nice, gentle flight for your Kerbals!

Aerosport L2X "Challenger"


The Aerosport L2X is a small, high speed private jet capable of seating 4 passengers and 2 pilots, it is able to go long range, meaning you’ll be able to travel long distances without stopping.

Aerosport A10 "Family Wagon"


The Aerosport A10 is a medium sized twin engine aircraft able to seat 6 passengers and 2 pilots, it is medium range, and is slightly unstable at low speeds due to it’s air frame, so be careful! :D It has a rather high speed, and is quite nice for having family trips!

Aerosport A11 "Twinblade"


The Aerosport A11 is a medium sized twin engine General Aviation aircraft, able to carry 4 passengers and 2 pilots, it is one of the cheapest medium diameter aircraft on the market, and is great to fly long distances with.

Aerosport A12 "STOL"


The Aerosport A12 is a General Aviation STOL aircraft, and is one of the best of it’s kind, being able to land quickly and roughly because of it’s wheels. The A12 is able to seat 2 Kerbals, but could be able to fit four with extra modification, sadly it does have a small yaw problem upon take-off, but that is quickly taken away as soon as you start to fly.




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32 minutes ago, Kerbal Dynamics said:

Amazing designs!

What's the mod for that Mk1 cockpit remodel?

Thanks! :D That wouldn't be a remodel actually! xD That's one of the Airplane Plus Cockpits. ^^

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Just now, Sebastiaz said:

Thanks! :D That wouldn't be a remodel actually! xD That's one of the Airplane Plus Cockpits. ^^

Oh, I see... I shall have a look at that later on.

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