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[1.6.1 | 1.5.1 | 1.4.5 | 1.3.1] The World Beyond - 100 new celestial bodies [v1.1.1 - 2018-10-31]

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11 hours ago, wkwied said:

Sadly, if it is an abandoned mod, the only thing that can be done is if somebody adopts it on their own. Even if eve and scatterer don't work, I say as long as it is functional that would be well enough, for me, at least

Yeah, i always delete the eve and scatterer, it halves the loading time. and yes it has been abandoned but maybe someone can carry it on or somethin

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On 11/18/2020 at 9:49 PM, Souptime said:

Anybody think they could keep this going? looks really good and i dont wanna leave it in the dust

though this might be probably abandoned

1, i could get it working in 1.9.1 with a CKAN install if your sure you like this certain pack

2. theres this new mod in development called Nova Korbani (kerbani?) made by the same user who made KSS, and seems really good. it is the works tho and only has 1 system out of alot more planned systems

hope this would be a good alternative

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4 minutes ago, Souptime said:

Oh yeah, i downloaded nova kirbani. its just that this mod looks too good to be left behind in the dust

good that you could find something you like!

i just installed nova kirbani so i havent got much to say bout it but it seems really epic!

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