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Is the Mk1-2 Command Pod Gone? - No.

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Since the new update came out the Mk1-2 Command Pod appeared to be gone... but it is not. While in the VAB or SPH you can access the advanced building mode at the top left hand corner, in this section you can find an array of things. Go to the "Resources" tab and go to monopropellant. There is the command pod we thought was gone...

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you can also find it from the Kerlington Manufacturer tab, they just removed it from the command pods category.  That way, depreciating it doesn't break any pre-1.4.1 ships that people might still be flying around in their saves.

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Sure! @AtomicTech

Sadly, I havent made a picture of the rocket. And to do that: I have to turn on my PS, wait for the game to load, take a pic, move it to the laptop and send it here. Boring. The rocket consists of three stages: four boosters with swivels and 3  medium sized tanks each booster, center core is the same and the third stage is on the pic. sLZx3qL.jpg


Are there any older landing legs still in the game though?

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