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Heritage Challenges(New thread) [2 available for reboot]

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I'd like to again nominate an (unintentionally) connected series of challenge threads for Heritage status.

The basic idea for each is: figure out how to reload and reuse a launch vehicle for multiple payloads without bringing it back into the VAB/SPH. Each one necessarily puts the focus on the same hardest part: building the support machinery to accomplish the ground operations. 

The three very similar threads (that I know about) are:

And the recently started by @Kerbolitto:

The particulars of each are different, but each one requires a very similar set of problems to solve to complete. 

For the two (edit) three most recent, the poster didn't know there was an interesting history of this challenge being done in the past. It seems like a shame that this fun idea (if in slightly different incarnations), isn't recorded as a Heritage Challenge series. Since the threads have different titles and slightly different approaches to reaching the same basic challenge, I'm not sure what you'd name it, but this idea deserves to be recorded here somehow.


Edit: Also, here's a fourth challenge that had basically the same "refuel and reload your lifter outside the VAB/SPH" as "Harder Mode":


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Hello to anyone who reads this thread! Just a quick notice, I no longer feel able to maintain this thread properly, so if any active user wants to step in to take it over, send me a PM and we can discuss it. I really haven't been very active on here for a bit and am not on very much, so I feel that this thread would be better treated in someone else's care. 


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