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Nymon's presentation

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Hi Guys !

I present myself, Antoine, 21 years old french guy who actually live in Germany ;)

I have discovered this AWESOME website with all the knowledge and information you can get from KSP. I'm sure I gonna have a good time and I will be super happy to meet some people from this community. Is there any teamspeak or voice server ? I saw the IRC chat but I'm not sure if we can speak int...

Thanks in advance to reading me and I wish you all a very good day !

See you around 


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Welcome @Nymon!

No voice chat here, sorry.  You can chat in the IRC, but it's not exactly active.

Being as this is a message board (forum), it's usually not used a "chat."  You typically don't get replies right away.  If you have a question about something, you make a post, then come back several hours later and see if there are any answers.  Sometimes you can get lucky and the people that are answering your questions are on at the same time you are, but I wouldn't say it's the norm.

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Bonjour! Welcome aboard. :) 

Come to think of it, a KSP discord server would be nice. I'm not currently active in KSP, although I would love to join the discord if someone makes.

Anyway, nice to meet you, enjoy the forum.


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1 hour ago, Nymon said:

Hello guys !

I saw there is a French member ;)

a discord could be a super cool idea actually !

Do I need to ask someone for that ?


Well if someone has experience in discord servers, yes, but I'm not sure if I know enough about it to make it. I also don't really want the responsibility of running it as I have many things to do. But I'm sure there is someone here in this forum who could. Maybe you could post a thread about it in the appropriate subforum.

(Also just to clear stuff up, I know a bit of french, am learning it in school at the moment, but I am not french, so if that is who you were referring to as a French member, I'm not. I'm sure there are some here though and if that is what you meant then this is pointless isn't it.)


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