Operation Munstrider: First Career Mun landing.

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**Before I start, a little about me; I've played KSP for a long time, I can't remember exactly which version, and I got into it thanks to Robbaz' YouTube series. I've restarted several playthroughs and been a part time lurker on these forums, but now that's changing. With this career I've decided to become more active, particularly with the Mission Reports and general conversations, I might even take on a few challenges within my career. In my entire time with this game I haven't left Kerbin's SOI, but again, I'd like to change that. My mission reports may be inconsistent in their formatting and style, but one thing I'll try to keep throughout is a track of the money earned from each mission (space exploration is a business, after all), and the science earned from each mission. Without further ado, here is the first instalment, landing on the Mun.**


Mission Report: Year One, Day 16.

After the successes of the Space Program thus far, the Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society has allocated funding for the next milestone; to land on the Mun.The recent flybys and sightseeing launches have piqued interest in the planet's closest natural satellite, and it's time we landed on it and returned safely.

Mission Objectives:

- Land 3 Kerbals on Mun's surface and return them to Kerbin safely.
- Gather scientific data by performing every available experiment we have currently developed; Materials Bay, Mystery Goo, Barometer, Thermometer, Surface Samples, Crew Report and EVA Report.


-Proof of concept and test run of a reusable lander, able to land on the surface and return to orbit capable of docking with another craft for refuelling.

-Plant flag for FLOOYD Dynamic Research Labs.

We've been allocated a 70,560 advance in funding to develop and construct the lander and launch vehicle.

The launch vehicle and lander came in a a total of 54,353.

*Mission Updates*

- Launch went off without a hitch, and Bob, Bill and Val settled into an 85km orbit, before burning out towards Mun.

- An uneventful transfer between Kerbin and Mun, tensions began growing as Mun grew bigger.

- Orbital insertion burn to Mun was nominal, and the ship settled into a 20km orbit.

- Landing Sequence began, targeting the western edge of the East Farside Crater.

- Bill reported concerns regarding fuel levels, we ran the numbers and there was cause for concern.

- Touchdown on Mun!

- Bob took samples from the crater, performed an EVA report and planted the flag as per the mission objectives. Bill inspected the craft for damages and areas of concern. Val's mental state deteriorated, Bill's concerns over the fuel pushed her into a state of panic, she refused to leave the cockpit for fear of being stranded. However, she did manage to fill out a crew report of the situation.

- Bob decided to go sightseeing, being a surfer in his spare time he decided to visit a wave-like formation at the edge of the crater. Flight Control was not impressed. He retrieved a surface sample and returned to the ship, spectacularly wiping out on the way, proving the resilience of Kerbalkind and the spacesuits.

   Low fuel levels, insufficient for return. Develop refuelling drone to perform orbital rendezvous in Munar orbit.
   Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society provided additional contract and funding to bring the mission home.

   PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - Rendezvous and dock in Munar orbit, then return to Kerbin.

- Val managed to get the ship into a stable 8km orbit, Flight assured them that they had a solution for their fuel shortage, and that this was part of the secondary objective, and they could use this time to gather more data from orbit.

- Refuelling drone launched into orbit with no issues, sitting at 90km before launching towards Mun.

- Bob performed several EVA's in orbit, setting a new record.

- Refuelling drone docked with Munstrider with no issues, a testament to the capabilities of our probe technology.

- Refuelling drone undocked and launched itself into the surface of Mun.


- Val brought the crew home, touching down on the deserts of Kerbin.

*Mission Summary*

Primary Objectives.
Moderate Success. Further development of lander needed, fuel issues need solving before further Mun Landings.
Science returns outstanding, can use returned info to develop technologies further.

Secondary Objectives.
Docking capabilities adequate. Current model is unfit for re-use, development required.
Flag planted for FLOOYD Dynamic Research Labs.


Space Program reputation increased, public opinion tracking at a record high, funding will be more readily available, providing we can continue to push, to innovate, and inspire.

**Funding Breakdown**
- Initial Contract - Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society
                 70,560 - Advance
               332,640 - Reward
                -54,353 - Cost
               348,847 - Total Earned

-Additional Contracts

                           -FLOOYD Dynamic Research Labs

                 69,000 - Advance
               191,400 - Reward
              260,400 - Total Earned

               609,247 - Running Total

                         -Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society

                124,992 - Advance
                589,248 - Reward
                  -24,985 - Cost

             1,298,502 - Total Earned

Official Images:
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