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Stock Mystery Goo NRE bug


I've tried to log into the bugtracker, but I can't find a way to register. I've tried my forum ID and it rejects. Lastly trying the "forgot password" link tells my it can't find my ID. So I don't think the bug tracker is "public" at the moment.
Found the register button "hidden" at top-right of screen :rolleyes:

Bug tracking guide asked to log this here first. I'll log the bug in tracker once I get the go ahead that someone wants recorded there.
I couldn't find anything referencing a NRE bug for Goo, so I don't 'think' it's a duplicate. Closest I found was a bug @DMagic mentioned in a 2015 post, but this in this situation.


Anywho - on to the bug report (very much an edge case):

KSP 1.4.3 (no mods, no MH expansion)
build id = 021522018.04.26 

If a Mystery Goo container survives a crash and is it's own root part, the code that runs the "Observe Mystery Goo" PAW button errors with a NRE.


Craft used to test the error. Material Science container used as it's known to be fragile and will reliably explode when dropped leaving the Mystery Goo container intact.



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Does it affect your gameplay? If no, they this should be referred to squad for futhur analysis.

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