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More Gas Giants


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So a while ago I saw a thread making a stockalike Gas Planet 2, but it seems to now be dead. :( But, I am making my own mod for it! :) It contains a planet that is a stockalike size for GP2 (Gas Planet 2) It also has it's four moons, renamed so Kerbol Origins doesn't copyright strike this mod. :/ 



Pictures for the Clickers:


Gas Planet 2

Flufo, Daphy analogue.

Eeloo, the second largest moon.

Flate, the Potatus analogue. (Color map is pixelated... help?)

Fonst, the largest moon of GP2, Fonso analogue. (Again, please help with the color map)

Can someone move this to Add-on releases?

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Still don't quite know why squad abandoned adding new planets. Our own solar system has 4 but the Kerbol system only has lonely Jool, and has been more or less the same since the early years of development. More planets in the game would be an expansion I would actually buy. So an excellent mod sir. 

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21 hours ago, Jon144 said:

Still don't quite know why squad abandoned adding new planets

They got rid of the person who was responsible for making them. I don't think that Squad want to create more planets. I wish Squad actually put some effort into the planets, but hey.

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