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A thermometer font


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 Q:  Why did you do this? - A: I don't know.  Feeding a mild OCD maybe.


 I like the look and simplicity of segment displays  220px-Common_segment_displays.svg.png   and wanted to see if I could make a font in this style.  Fortunately in the KSP world I'm not constrained by actual segment limitations, but I did self-impose some rules.


-Keep part count low

-Make sure it's readable

-Keep all angles at 45/90 degrees

-Snap all the things

-Add a little style


 Here's what I came up with


 Each letter has a perch so I can move and adjust a whole character at a time.


How do we manage a project?  Well, I open the alphabet craft, make a new starting mount beside it.  I give each line a start point, and each word a point on the line.  Then I copy each character on to a line.  So each line, word, and letter has it's own point so I can shift items efficiently and consistantly.


 Then at the end I delete the alphabet I used for copying, center the whole paragraph on a probe, and save as a new file.  Lots of copying and adjusting.


 Well I needed something to write.  How about the Star Wars crawl?  I didn't mean to jump on this bandwagon, but I wanted text that was space-related and this is what I thought of.


The Star Wars text is now a probe that can orbit!   @Castille7 took it to space for me (since my computer was having problems with the part count) to get some gnarly screenshots.



 I did the 2010 Space Odyssey screen (possible movie spoiler?).




 Wasn't too bad since the spacing was even.  No one double-checked these so I'm hoping for no typos.


 Anyways, just wanted to show yall.

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More thermometer font.  Arm kinda hurts from this one.  No purches for each letter so any adjustments were time consuming.  Deletion of perches + lower case letters + adjustment of font kept part count low, relatively (1300).


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