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[STOCK] [NEW update] MACH 2+ Electric propeller X-plane!


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UPDATED: Mach 2.1 level flight!

Spinner M2
is the result of MANY hours of building and testing, rebuilding and testing again and a bit of blind luck. Thanks to Squiddy and others who have posted guides and shared their craft - I wouldn't have started this project otherwise.

Max level speed is 705 m/s (Mach 2.1) at 4500m altitude. It can maintain this speed indefinitely. I have observed the craft moving at 620 m/s, mach 1.8 in a dive. The craft doesn't handle high G's well so manoeuvre slowly. I use Mechjeb's SMARTASS for control.

Spinner M2's great top speed is partly due to extreme prop blade pitch. Because of the high pitch, max thrust is achieved only at speeds greater than 450m/s 475m/s. In order to reach this initial speed, the pilot must first climb to 5000m 6000m, then perform a shallow dive to approx 2000m 4000m to reach 475m/s. From there, level off to 0.1 degrees pitch, switch to each propeller in turn, select the propeller blades  and reduce the Authority limiter from 120 to 80 (unfortunately this can't be done using action groups). From there the craft will (slowly) accelerate to Mach 2 and climb to 3900m 4500m.

Craft Files (KSP 1.4.3)

The changes made to Spinner 566 to make it go faster were strakes instead of wings, moving the blades back, and adjustment of blade authority limiter in flight.

Spinner M2 still has lots of potential in my opinion. Please take this craft and modify it. Try different blades, blade position/pitch, different wings, play with the bearings, whatever you think could improve it. I would like to see who can achieve:

  • Highest top speed (Gold star for Mach 2, platinum star for Mach 3)
  • Highest altitude
  • Better high-G stability
  • Possible integration with ion or Nervs for SSTO
  • Testing on other worlds
  • Multi engine builds





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Newly updated craft
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On 7/6/2018 at 10:00 PM, Reusables said:

Trying on 1.4.4, It tries hard to pitch down so it can't get airborne. Is this normal, or can be considered as a bug?


I think that my placement of the forward wheels can be tuned to relieve this fun feature.

During takeoff run it will lift its tail, you need to wait until it's going pretty fast before giving it a little pitch up - or wait until it flies off the runway then pitch up.

Personally I use mechjeb and set the pitch angle to 10 degrees. If you are using stock SAS, you might find that it "bounces" as you try to pitch up. Try hitting space when it bounces to jettison the wheels and it should take off.

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