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Should I do a clean install?


It may be my imagination or maybe I am just finding bugs I had not encountered before, but I swear my KSP is just running terribly as of late.

I've put in a bug report for the fact that when I test a large (but not small) Hydrofoil in water via Mission Builder, it explodes.


As for aircraft in regular mode:  My small landing gear is bouncing all over the place.  So, I changed landing gear settings, and now suddenly my engines are flaming out on takeoff.  So I tried reloading the aircraft. No luck, BUT if I move to the regular airfield from the Desert Airfield, the problem goes away.

Am I encountering known bugs or could it be I have corrupted files? It did install some mods which I have since removed as I found one of them was causing issues in other parts of gameplay.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Apart from the physical limitations of your hard-drive there is absolutely nothing preventing you from making a second, third, fourth, or even a hundredth and fourth install!

Just make a second, clean install next to your current game and see what happens.

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