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Going Mostlywhere

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Having Invented the Mostlyversal Lander ( with some help )  I have now created a craft capable of pushing it ( I hope ) Mostlywhere.  It's not Everywhere because I won't be visiting Eve, not the surface anyway.  But pretty much everywhere else, the plan is to find all the anomalies and this is the first launch of the series.

So, I'd like to introduce the Heart of Kerbin.  It has space for 40 Kerbals in total ( I use the 6 Kerbal Science Lab ) and although not full houses every Kerbal I have currently at the space centre.  The first stops will be the Mün and Minmus for practice in flying and landing the Mostlyversal Lander.

The H.O.K has achieved a stable 106km orbit around Kerbin and is awaiting a change of engines from Mammoths to Wolfhound clusters.  The engines are held on by docking port.  The whole ship fully fuelled weighs around 590 tons.






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Seeing as the Mostlyversal-Lander  (MVL ) was available and built - I sent that up next @bewingsays it can be flown to LKO if you fly it Perfectly.  Well I'm not perfect.  So what I did was put MOAR boosters on it, attached via the aft docking port..  Five kickbacks cured it's Orbital Shyness taking it up to around 14km and over 600m/s before they were ditched and the aerospikes took over.  It flew surprisingly well on it's tower of boosters. Once rendezvous in orbit was achieved the two ships spooned up together very, very carefully because neither has any RCS controls.






So it's goodnight for now.  The interplanetary engine clusters will be attached tomorrow.  If I'm feeling REALLY tidy I may even de-orbit the mamoths rather than leave them in LKO.

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