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Stock Actuation Challenge

This challenge focuses on making craft with stock actuation (ie. pivoting wings, engines, etc). Craft will be judged based on functionality, cleanliness (how well hidden the actuation is), and craft aesthetics.
 - Craft must be entirely stock (Other mods are acceptable, but the craft can't have modded parts)
 - You must have fun (Sorry if this disqualifies anyone)
(Rules subject to change)
 - Photo or video evidence of actuation must be submitted, as well as the .craft file

My examples for this challenge include my two VTOLs.


This craft features a pivoting engine in the rear that allows you to go from VTOL to horizontal flight almost seamlessly in either direction.


Silver Falcon

The Silver Falcon uses the F-35s engine, and instead of just having AIRBRAKES and elevons open to allow the front engines to provide lift, it has a shell that moves backwards using landing legs and an I-beam slide.


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