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GP7000 Turbofan Replica

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This is a stock replica of the GP7000 Turbofan developed by Engine Alliance, a joint venture between General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. This replica’s central feature is definitely its spinning turbine, which is functionally a turboshaft as it is powered by two Juno’s set to very low power. This method of spinning the turbine means that the turbine actually throttles with the actual engines, which is obviously super cool. This engine uses 3 Wheesley’s which in total provide similar thrust to the real thing. The one downside of this engine is that you will need to place intakes in a seperate location on your craft, as there is no way of incorporating intakes into the engine itself.








Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/GP7000

Part Count: 113
Engine Mass: 9.97 tonnes
Engine Thrust: 330 kN

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1 hour ago, ZLM-Master said:

Maybe you can clip inline air intake into the top fuel tank ;) should work as long as there are not in the fairing !

Beautiful nacelle !

Glad you like the engine!

I did think of that solution, while it is theoretically possible, the problem lies with the part count. Wheesley's are absolute intake air guzzlers, the number of those small intakes that would be required would easily be in the dozens. It's honestly way more efficient just to hide a few Engine Precoolers or Engine Nacelles in the fuselage of whatever craft this engine is attached to.

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