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Space Taxi by MUSE Software (1984).



Who would want this modded into a KSP enviroment?

Seems like almost everything is already in KSP to make this a reality.

Just consider re-making some of the levels and have Kerbals that need to be picked up and transported to various landing pads.  

Here is a long play for those that want to see the game in all its 8 bit glory.


If you watch the Bean Stalk level I would like to see an actual transformer like landing pad that starts extending upward and making the pads.  With mods like Infernal Robotics the pads are not appearing out of thin air but unfolded.

The MOD would be sort of a mini game and challenge.

Just some thoughts.

Anyone interested?

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Imagine arcade cabinets in the Astronaut Complex lounge.  Already we see KSP on some of the monitors.

Space War and Moon Patrol would also make a good fit.

Maybe recreating these games in a fixed 2D environment but still using most of the KSP parts.

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