RealKerbal3x's Mission Report Thread (Warning, image heavy!!)

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Hello KSP Forumers! Until now, I've been posting very inadequate mission updates on the WDYDIKSPT thread, with no screenshots and a few pathetic lines of text. So I've decided to make this thread and post mission reports here. 

Note: this is a sandbox save. So don't look at my huge inefficient rockets and say 'That's so expensive! You must have spent so many funds!' because money's no object in my Kerbal universe.

Note 2: My mods are in a spoiler below, so if you ask I'll refer you back to the OP.

Note 3: This isn't the start of this savegame. I've already landed on the Mun and Minmus, just I didn't have the idea to start this thread when I did those missions.

Well, here are my mods, in the spoiler:


Note: I've given a shoutout to all of the makers of these mods. Great work everyone!

6 seat Mk3 Cockpit by Kerbal Space Command

B9 Procedural Wings fork by @Crzyrndm

B9 Part Switch by @blowfish

Chatterer by @Athlonic

ClickThroughBlocker by @linuxgurugamer

DockRotate by @peteletroll

Firespitter Core by @RoverDude

FMRS by @linuxgurugamer

KER by @cybutek and @jrbudda

KIS by @IgorZ

KAS 1.0 by @IgorZ

Kerbal Reusability Expansion by @EmbersArc

Module Manager by @ialdabaoth and @sarbian

Navball Docking Alignment Indicator brought back from the dead by @linuxgurugamer

Precise Manoevre by @Morse

RecoveryController by @linuxgurugamer

Cormorant Aeronology-Mk3 Space Shuttle by @Pak

Take Command Continued by @linuxgurugamer

Toolbar Controller by @linuxgurugamer (You make a lot of great mods, thanks Linux!)

Trajectories by @Kobymaru

Stockalike Station Parts Expansion by @Nertea

This list will be updated accordingly if I remove or add any mods :)


Well, on with the first part! The first thing I'll be doing in this mission report will be building a space station. Enjoy!

Building a Space Station Part 1


Well here we go! Docking Module A launches on a Kraken V launch vehicle to the Space Station Eillorf Kerman (named after an engineer who died in a plane crash gave her life in the name of SCIENCE).


Pitching to 45 degrees by 10km. Sorry for the night launch shots folks.


I skipped over most of the launch because I'm sure you've all seen launches before. Here we are coasting to our orbital insertion. The 'Circularise' button on the Precise Manoevre interface is so useful!!


Now in orbit, we cruise to the incredibly inefficient rendezvous burn (167 m/s). It will take about the same amount to match velocities--I left out the manoevre fiddling as that's boring and you've seen it before. Once again, sorry for the dark screenshots.


After the burn and a bit of tweaking, we head towards our rendezvous.


Now these are the kind of scenes I love seeing in KSP. Space is beautiful, even in this game where I'm not using visual enhancement mods.


Finally, we approach the space station. Soon we will detach the Kraken V second stage and use the RCS thrusters on the module to dock. Later, when a crew arrives an engineer will remove those thrusters (KIS is a great mod!)


Finally we've docked! Eventually the station will have another similar module docked to the other end. I didn't get a screenshot, but I removed that tug docked to the side (those proved to be useless in simulations) and deleted it from the tracking station along with the Kraken V second stage. I want to limit space debris.


Here we are passing above the KSC. Well done me. Thanks, Me!


Finally, to celebrate I flew the Planey Plane Mk3 around (I know, rubbish name)




And from Jeb and me, thanks for reading!

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11 hours ago, The Minmus Derp said:

I really like this.

Thanks :) I plan to write some more either today or tomorrow.

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4 hours ago, RealKerbal3x said:

Thanks :) I plan to write some more either today or tomorrow.


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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, The Minmus Derp said:



I'll be sending up the next station module using a space shuttle.

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Well, I finally have the next part ready! This is a bit different to what I was planning, as the game threw a wrench in my station-building system.

Shuttle Troubles

If you've seen my modlist (in the OP) then you'll know I use the amazing Cormorant space shuttle parts pack by @Pak. It adds a stockalike space shuttle that manages to be both realistic and balanced to the game universe. Talking of universes, in mine I am about to launch mission STS-3.


Here we go! Off the pad, and away to deliver the third module to my space station, if all goes to plan.


Which it won't! The Cormorant shuttle worked fine in 1.4.3 but in 1.4.4 it seems to be incredibly sluggish. We passed our apoapsis and fell back as I was doing a would-be nominal pitch programme at roughly 30 km. I'm not really sure if this is caused by 1.4.4 itself or one of my mods. (Note: You will see I have Gravity Turn installed in the toolbar. I have since removed that as I can't figure out how to get it to work)


Abort! Here's a nice fiery pic as we detach from the ET.


Luckily, we managed to land safely in the ocean. However, I was still confused about why this was happening so I just had to try again.


Here you can see the shuttle clawing its way back up to 10km. The relaunch didn't seem to change anything. Just the same stuff happening again.


At least I got another nice shot as we detached. We managed to land in the ocean again, but this time I didn't get it quite right and the station module exploded in the cargo bay.

So, the build of my space station will be on hold until I can fix this. Until then, thanks for reading :D

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As you (hopefully) know, the Apollo 11 landing 49th anniversary is on Saturday, and I plan to do an Apollo homage mission using the Making History parts. I will of course post it here :)

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