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I'm new at this whole mission report thing so go easy on me :)

Relevant topics to understand what the heck it is I'm doing:








What the heck I'm doing:

So I started out in the Snarkiverse with the Caveman Challenge. It's not a REAL Caveman Challenge run, though, because it's (obviously) modded to add the Snarkiverse. But still, I do these things for me so hey it is what it is. Then when I completed that, I continued my run with the Caveman Evolved challenge, slightly modified to fit within the Snarkiverse's changed solar system. Also, because I need mods to have fun, I'm allowing myself one mod install per building unlock.

Me doing the heck: (links are to Imgur albums)

  1. In which we get quite far with a pair of Mun encounters and a few iterations of a "Rolly."
  2. In which we land on Mun and kind of successfully encounter Dres.
  3. In which we spectacularly fail at Mun and then skid across the finish line of the Caveman Challenge.
  4. In which we start the Caveman Evolved Challenge with a simple Dres Orbiter that - well let's just say we try to extend the mission a bit too far.
  5. In which we ignore Jeb's Jeopardy and land on Dres instead. And maybe overextend a little bit. Just a little, though.
  6. In which we rely on our tools a little too much in a fairly robust Duna Boots-And-Return mission.
  7. In which we finish up the Duna mission, one way or another.
  8. In which we BRING. HIM. (and someone else). HOME.
  9. In which we bring Val home in style.
  10. In which we actually accomplish something without (many) problems!
  11. In which we send a ridiculously large ship to Moho!
  12. In which we return forthwith from Moho!
  13. In which we do a Jool-8 mission! With only 4 moons!
  14. In which our penultimate mission hits Laythe a bit too quickly!
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I totally agree that you need mods to have fun, that's why I'm here with @Snark!

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