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Maian's Stock ISS Replica (07.26.19 - STS-110)

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This is a completely vanilla KSP replica of the International Space Station. All craft files, once hosted to KerbalX, will be posted here. Image albums and videos (if I record) of each mission will be posted as well. I will do my best to get through this entire build. This replica currently sits at 2,146 total parts, not including attached Soyuz, Dragon, or Shuttle crafts. I have just the ELC and ESP parts to finish building, and then everything will be ready to load up and launched. I have created a stock Shuttle, stock Proton-K, stock Soyuz, and stock Falcon 9 (with landable first stage without mods).

My shuttle has a working Canadarm, as does my ISS with the Canadarm 2 (shoutout to @sgt_flyer and @selfish_meme on their shuttle/ISS build for a few ideas and tips). The robotic arm for the Japanese Exposed Facility, though, is static. Everything is designed to be launched with the real world launch vehicle. I may use Dock Rotate as the only mod to ensure that everything is straight during the build, since I'll be using the Canadarm and not RCS Tugs (besides solar arrays on the trusses).

Current Status

A few VAB craft images











ISS Mission Status Table



ISS Module

Built Launched Craft File
Zarya (Proton-K) Yes Yes KerbalX
Unity+PMA-1+PMA-2 (STS-88) Yes Yes KerbalX
Zvezda (Proton-K) Yes Yes KerbalX
Z1 Truss+PMA-3 (STS-92) Yes Yes KerbalX
P6 Truss (STS-97) Yes Yes KerbalX
Destiny Lab (STS-98) Yes Yes KerbalX
ESP-1 (STS-102) Yes Yes KerbalX
Canadarm2 (STS-100) Yes Yes KerbalX
Quest Airlock (STS-104) Yes Yes KerbalX
PIRS Adapter (Soyuz-U) Yes Yes KerbalX
S0 Truss (STS-110) Yes Yes KerbalX
Mobile Base System (STS-111) Yes No  
S1 Truss (STS-112) Yes No  
P1 Truss (STS-113) Yes No  
ESP-2 (STS-114) Yes No  
P3/P4 Truss (STS-115) Yes No  
P5 Truss (STS-116) Yes No  
S3/S4 Truss (STS-117) Yes No  
S5 Truss+ESP-3 (STS-118) Yes No  
Harmony (STS-120) Yes No  
Columbus (STS-122) Yes No  
Japanese ELM-PS (STS-123) Yes No  
Kibo Lab+JEM Robotic Arm (STS-124) Yes No  
S6 Truss (STS-119) Yes No  
Japanese Exposed Facility (STS-127) Yes No  
Poisk Adapter (Soyuz-U) Yes No  
ELC-1+ELC-2 (STS-129) No No  
Cupola+Tranquility (STS-130) Yes No  
Rassvet Airlock (STS-132) Yes No  
Leonardo+ELC-4 (STS-133) Yes No  
AMS+OBSS+ELC-3 (STS-134) No No  
BEAM (CRS-8) Yes No  


Launch/Mission Videos:
Mission 1A: Zarya
Mission 2A: STS-88
Mission 1R: Zvezda
Mission 3A: STS-92
Expedition 1: Soyuz TM-31
Mission 4A: STS-97
Mission 5A: STS-98
Mission 3P: Progress M-44
Mission 5A.1: STS-102
Mission 6A: STS-100
Mission 7A: STS-104
Mission 4R: M-SO1 Pirs
Mission 8A: STS-110

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Added STS-110 Mission
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Yea I'm using it in space, but no - it's completely stock to work. It is made of 3 separate elements that use hinge assemblies to stay together. If you have it undocked (so that you can move it) you cannot timewarp until you 'stow' it again or it floats apart.

I made an imgur album a little while back that shows how the different hinges go together:

Each of the three parts has a RTG so it doesn't run out of power, the smallest probe core for control, and reaction wheels for movement.

In the first exploded view in the album, the RCS part is attached to the shuttle itself, while the antennas around it are on the arm, so it creates a ball joint for it to move freely. The second hinge is a 2-way hinge, so it rotates around the reaction wheel part. The third hinge is another ball-joint hinge like the first one.

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6 hours ago, peteletroll said:

So, you're going to use the Canadarm to assemble the station in space? Is the Canadarm moving via DockRotate?

I see I'm not the only one that had that idea. Great minds think alike, I guess! :) Already have some articulated drill arms worked out and everything.


Rune. Pretty cool ISS, BTW.

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The shuttle itself is pretty straightforward with 3 or 4 hidden exceptions. The shuttle is built for looks first, and function second. As a result, it doesn't glide as efficiently as a previous design, but it still works as well as it should otherwise.

1. The OMS Pods and all the RCS thrusters and shape in the back are all anchored on a short I-Beam, so that I can move it at once (which was helpful when I was tweaking the positioning). The OMS Pod is made of the in-line Mk1 Docking Ports, and the Advanced Grabbing Unit because of the rounded shape that I felt was most similar to the front of the OMS pods on the real shuttle. I tried using nose cones and things and couldn't get it looking good enough. There are a few radiator panels there just to even out the shape. The OMS pods are built off of one piece that connects to the I-Beam, so you can adjust the pod itself without it falling apart.

2. The RCS Thrusters are all the LF/O types. The only LF/O on the craft is anchored on a 2.5m Decoupler that is clipped into the back Monoprop fuel tank. I have crossfeed disabled, but the toggle for crossfeed tied to the RCS action group. This opens the fuel only when RCS is active (and keeps you from accidentally draining it if you go too long on the external tank in the beginning). I used monoprop as the main fuel source because the Shuttle OMS engines in-game are the O-10 Puff engines. The RCS on the nose are all oriented and positioned as they are on the real shuttle, and clipped into the nose in order to keep the nice shape of the nose (RCS clipped inside the craft it's anchored to still works just fine). As such, it's not quite centered, but the reaction wheels in the craft are enough to make for it mostly - translating left/right introduces a bit of a roll if you don't have SAS or hold the key down, but tapping it works well enough.

3. The tail fin of the shuttle is two tails clipped nearly on top of each other, so that you get the double-sided air brake that the shuttle has.

4. For the launch stack, I use 7 SRBs on each side, and add extra pieces to get the length better proportioned (existing Kickbacks are too short and small - real Shuttle SRBs are closer in proportion to the 2.5m size in-game). Now, in real life, there was a thrust profile applied to the SRBs that gradually lowered the thrust as the fuel was drained to keep a certain TWR. That doesn't exist in-game, so I took the 7 SRBs (6 around 1 center one) and adjusted fuel and thrust on each one so that they burn out one at a time. At 1:17 of the launch, the 6 outer SRBs are done, leaving just the center that has another 8 seconds of fuel to disconnect the SRBs to mimic the still slightly burning SRBs on the real shuttle at SRB Separation. This also keeps them flying with the orbiter enough for the ejection motors to push them away.


The orbiter also has two of the Fuel Cell Arrays clipped into the bottom of the cockpit, so if you remove the Canadarm (which has RTGs), it has a battery source. Fuel for them may be an issue depending on length of stay, though - it currently only has LFO onboard for the RCS.

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I decided to give your shuttle a test flight tonight, here's a photo that was taken during the underwing inspection with the Canadarm:


I think I'd like to try to reverse-engineer parts of your shuttle to build one of my own. I've never finished a working STS, but this example has a lot of techniques that have really piqued my interest and given me ideas...

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On 6/28/2018 at 9:21 AM, MaianTrey said:

Yea I'm using it in space, but no - it's completely stock to work. It is made of 3 separate elements that use hinge assemblies to stay together.


 Well that's frikken awesome!

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Me: Yes, made a Falcon 9 replica in stock KSP! (except for the landing barge from https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/71323-143-launchers-pack-spacex-pack-v53-released-april-18th/)

Me, 5 seconds later after seeing this:my dissatisfaction is immeasurable and my day is ruined

BTW, good job on this, looks amazing!

EDIT: Rocket: https://imgur.com/a/RPUOhfE

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Imgur album
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I've added 3 new videos to the OP:

STS-98 - installation of the Destiny Lab module
Progress M-44 - Resupply mission with Progress spacecraft
STS-102 - installation of ESP-1, resupply with Leonardo, and crew rotation

All craft files showcased are uploaded and can be found in the KerbalX hangar (link in signature and in spoiler of OP).

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New launch posted - Pirs module, and OP updated. The video includes a few other maintenance / crew rotation launches to follow the timeline. I'm working on the next launch (STS-110 and surrounding maintenance launches) for the next one. Then the fun really begins!

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So I did get STS-110 launched and landed, a few months back, but never finished uploading it. I think in the next month or so I'm going to try to finish launching my Vanilla ISS and upload it with a few screenshots and no videos to finish the project, and then update them with Breaking Ground robotics where necessary.



In the weeks leading up to Breaking Ground's release, I completely re-created my shuttle from scratch, and then incorporated robotics into its design for the Canadarm and other bits. So far I've only completely created STS-88 along with recreating the first two Russian segments (Zarya and Zvezda). I recreated and improved my Proton-K rocket as well. Everything is still completely stock, with Breaking Ground parts. No parts from the Making History are used in the following craft. I've automated the installation of STS-88 -- There are KAL controllers that completely perform grabbing the payload, lifting it out of the bay, docking it on the orbiter's docking port, extending out to grab Zarya, and then putting it on Unity once coupled. The launch sequence is automated through SRB ejection thanks to the newly released v1.7.3, you just have to steer.









I also recreated the P6 truss (so far) right after Breaking Ground released to test out the robotics for a self-deploying solar array. It folds up nice and tight to fit in the payload bay just like the real one did.
https://gfycat.com/brightunacceptablehalicore (recommend playing at 4x speed)




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