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Hi can any one recommend any mods to enhance my current career save mods I already have include all MkS/usi including ls, opm, kis/kas, pathfinder, scansat,  planets shine, eve, extra solar, scatterer, chatterer, all near future, svt, dpai, doe, planetary base, kerbal engineer kac, sep, d magic, ferram and too many others to name  off the top of my head have over 3000 hours looking for complicated mods to further build up my colonies or other planet or systems that will not conflict with the ones i already have any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Currently using version 4.3

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As you have Dmagic and ScanSat, I'd also really recommend RemoteTech. I think those three go really well together and not only does it add extra challenges but the flight computer feature it has it really great (it lets you execute maneuver nodes, or manually set burns and activate stages/action groups at a set time, so you can program the FC when you've got comms contact with the probe and then watch helplessly as it follows your instructions once it's out of contact and you can't do anything about it).
I also really recommend IndicatorLights not only do they look nice but add useful information to parts,

If you're interested this is a fairly up-to-date list of the mods I'm running with in 1.4.3 - https://kerbalx.com/katateochi/installed_mods

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