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How to increase distance I can right-click with a kerbal?


Hey all!

I just reinstalled KSP after a long time.

And I found some nice mods, like KAS and KIS. With that, I tried building a refueling-station on Kerbin, and I used the little pump-ports to transfer fuel between the fuel-station and my craft.

But I found out, that I can't right-click very far when controlling a kerbal. Because of that, I can't reach the pump-port to link a cable to it, when the fuel-tank of my craft is too high up.

Is there any way to increase the distance I can right-click with a kerbal? I can't open the context-menu, it doesn't even react to my click.


I hope, you understand, what I mean. I'm german and my english is not the best.

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Open the file GameData/KIS/settings.cfg with a text editor. Look for EvaPickup - maxDistance. By default, it's 3 meters (for scale, a Kerbal is a little more than 1m tall). Personally I like to set it to 10m, but I've heard that you can set it to thousands of meters without ill effects.


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Short answer: You can't.

Longer answer: It's not the Kerbal it's the parts.

Actual answer: I don't know about KAS/KIS, but for science parts it's the setting interactionRange in the module ModuleScienceExperiment. Look for similar in the configs for KAS. Or it could be a global setting somewhere. I don't know because I've never really gotten back into KAS/KIS since they added drills and hammers.

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I tried it on Kerbin and it didn't work there because the gravity is too high for using jetpack... :/

I changed the Pickup-Distance in the KIS-Settings and that thing worked perfectly. But I can only pick up items now, but not interact with them... 

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