Kerbal Fried Chicken v1.0

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One sunny day, Valentina got a letter from Bob and decided to honor Jebediah's memory and to start her adventure. 
She going to get a chicken and fry it up near the Sun.

Bob's colleague, scientist Eleanor Margaret Kerman make some request, will Valentina help her?

Bob's Letter:


Hi Valentina, it's me, Bob.

I discovered a Chicken Box, orbiting around Kerbin, with a chicken inside and... you already get it, don't you?
Fried chicken was Jeb's favorite food! He would love this, if he wasn't lost in space somewhere...
We need to honor him, to make Ultimate Fried Chicken!

You are the only pilot left, and we have no more than 3 years before already planned Dres expedition.

Do you remember what happens with Launchpad, when we tried to launch a giant Jeb's statue to Duna?
So now we launch from Water Launchpad and we limited to 300 tons.

Engineers will build a vessel with at least 2 sits (for you and for the cooking process),
there would be docking port for docking to Chicken Box and taking the chicken.

There your adventure will begin.

Fry up the chicken within 1,000,000,000 m near the Sun for 12 minutes (not overcook it below 500,000,000 m)
and then get back home. We will find you anywhere on Kerbin, but better land near KSC.

Also my colleague Eleanor Margaret Kerman ask to send her 
Mistery Goo observation below 700,000,000 m near the Sun — it is for her "Synthesis of the Elements in Stars" research.

Good luck and don't be fried, Chaika.

Max score: 5,000
Min score: -5,000

Difficulty: Intermediate

"Colonel Kanders" logo originate from reddit post.






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13 hours ago, DunnoAnyThing said:

putting the mission on both sites

if you put mission on steam, you still  need to put it somewhere Dropbox-alike for non-steam user can download — so why not load it on kerbalX, where everyone can download? :)

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I love the idea!!!  :D

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Kerbals always seem to take the easiest thing on earth Kerbin, multiply it by 10.000 and do THAT. 


No idea why. 


Nice idea. I would do the challenge if I had the DLC. Someone buy it for me please I'm poor OwO.

I will build good spacecraft for food, best payment is cake. 

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I never thought that this was what would finally push me to create an account, but what I have to say today cannot be left unsaid, as it has been for three days.

The "KFC" logo you created.

To say that it redefines beauty would be an understatement.


-----Addendum 1-----

Ah. Thank you for the link. I really can't help myself when I see a piece of "fine art" such as that.

Speaking of fine art, I will have to give your challenge a shot. Looks quite interesting. And potentially crispy.

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