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On this day 49 years ago the Saturn V blasted off Canaveral to bring Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins to the Moon. How do you celebrate Apollo 11 week? - UPDATE: The Eagle has landed!

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The journey to the Moon would take a few days and on July 20th, 1969, the LEM would safely touch down.

I decided to do a Saturn style Eve mission, actually sending a Saturn V Replica to the surface of Eve.

I'll try to return the 3 brave Kerbals in it on July 20th.

Do any of you do some Apollo 11 anniversary stuff as well?




Update July 20th:

We now have confirmation that the lunar excursion module has safely touched down in the sea of tranquility. Congratulations to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin!

To celebrate the Moon landing, which occured at this moment 49 years ago, here's the Saturn V from the previous video launching back up from Eve and returning to Kerbin:


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The Eagle has landed
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On a previous anniversary I flew a mission from from the Inland Space Center to the Mun and back. Nothing unusual about that I hear you say.

Well I launched the vehicle from the KSC, then air dropped it (seated on top of a mobile launcher) then drove it to the ISC pad and launched from there. Trickiest part was that I landed a few km from the ISC in the hills to the East and driving that thing over the bumps climbing down from there was a little hazardous.










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I'm more excited about Apollo 8's 50th later this year. Launch date coincides with my Birthday.

What's cool is next year we get three lunar mission 50th anniversaries, two of which are landings. It's also kind of sad, though...

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To be honest I wasn't even aware that the anniversary was this close but like a day earlier I landed on the Mun ( like always in Apollo-styled craft, ykno, CSM+lander) and totally accidentally visited the Neil Armstrong memorial there. So I guess that counts.

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To celebrate the 49th aniversary of the launch of a certain other species, first trip to their moon, the KSC decided to launch a mission of their own.

This began with 4 brave adventurers hurtling skyward this morning, towards a rendevous with the Mun in 3 days... or is it hours.... er, sometime in the future. However only 3 will venture to the surface as Bill is getting a little tired of the trips up their and decided to sit this one out in orbit.

Here are the broadcast highlights from todays launch and transmunar injection.

The communication engineers at the KSC promise that further transmission will be of higher quality, once they remove the crows nesting in the main dish.

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