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vehicle ID?


I've lost all of my vehicles!!  I launched my game as usual this am and when I loaded my saved game, I got a large number of small windows saying "vehicle ID lost" for each of my vehicles, flags, everything ... the windows would not let me proceed without clicking "OK" on each of them (which took 10 minutes or so), and now I have no vehicles, flags, anything ... but my clock still shows all of the upcoming events, my science points, money, reputation, all are present.  Can anyone help me recover my vehicles?



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Never mind!!  I reloaded a previous save (fortunately only a few days ago) and it had all of my vehicles, flags, etc. and came up fine.  I then closed that save and then opened up my most recent save and everything was where it was supposed to be ... I guess that the previous save had all of the vehicle IDs (whatever they are) and they "reloaded" with the previous save and must be happily restored as of now.  Sorry for the false alarm, but does anyone know what vehicle IDs are, and how they can be lost, and why all of my ships were in my save file but would not load with my current save?

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6 hours ago, Garthog said:

does anyone know what vehicle IDs are,

I can aswer this question, but none of the others...

Every vessel spawned in your universe (ships, bases, flags,...) is saved in your savegame file along with their id, it looks like this:

	pid = c72e89855ddd4514a1e841f6838362e6
	persistentId = 1140703694
	name = STS-4
	type = Plane
	landed = False

Internal, KSP will need something constant to refer to your vessels, so the id will always be 1) unique 2) the same until the vessel docks or is recovered.

Maybe, KSP just messed up while loading your savegame, but I have absolute no idea how this can happen.

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22 hours ago, 4x4cheesecake said:

 I have absolute no idea how this can happen.

This can happen with many vessels/flags/kerbals in play and then just killing KSP instead of exiting the program ... happens when KSP goes to do an autosave when a user clicks the little x button to close the window when playing in window ... The save gets corrupted

Although what I find odd is that KSP will normally fix that issue for you and assign a new id to screwed up vessels

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I am using a number of mods but I'm using 1.3.1 and haven't changed any mods or anything since last Dec - guess the answer from DoctorDavinci sounds like something to be careful - I'll watch for "autosave" kicking in before I close any windows - thanks for all of the help, especially the detail from cheesecake - good to know for the future



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