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KSP Enhanced Edition 2nd patch is live!

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Hello everyone!

The second patch for Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is live!

This patch includes many bug fixes and improvements. We are also implementing new quality-of-life features taken directly from feedback provided by the community, such as the addition of Physwarp to the Radial Menu, the option to disable trim in the Mini-Settings, the inclusion of cursor speed settings, and more!

If you want to continue helping us out by providing us with feedback and bug-reports, you can do so through our Bugtracker.

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:

========================= KSP Enhanced Edition Patch 2 =======================

* Added preview metadata to vessels. This fixes some issues and improves overall performance whenever vessels are being listed. 
* Add physwarp to Radial Menu 
* Option to disable trim in mini settings
* Modify response when using L-stick to move PAW sliders 
* Added cursor speed setting
* Added EVA functions to left/right dpad radial menus 
+++Fixed Bugs
* Editor text input box does not scroll horizontally 
* Game blocks using only emojis as quicksave name during a flight
* In precision control mode the Roll/Pitch/Yaw inputs are locked
* Opening the debug screen after a crash locks the game
* Title loses functionality when pausing the game while switching to the 'Crew' tab
* Rename flag window focus can be lost performing a set of actions on Simplified preset
* App Region becomes unresponsive using Simplified control scheme
* "Space Center" button can be focused and pressed at any moment using Simplified controls preset
* It is not possible to scroll through the 'Settings' menu when in the VAB and SPH
* Cursor disappears in the Space Center when closing the KSPedia with 'Time Warp' enabled 
* 'Select An App' feature has no functionality when creating a new subcategory in the VAB or SPH 
* The title loses functionality and freezes when the user rapidly deletes saves in the pause menu on the Career home screen.
* Broken input when using timewarp while planting a flag
* The application crashes when loading a save after planting a flag
* Flag cannot be changed when selecting 'Change Flag' from the pause menu in VAB
* Parts may no longer be interacted with after returning to the Space Center with a 'Confirm delete' prompt open
* The reset button cannot be used with the cursor enabled in the 'Actions' tab
* Title loses functionality after entering the pause menu while deleting a player made craft
* The A/Cross button remains on screen if all Applicants are hired on the Assigned or Lost tabs in the Astronaut Complex
* A Null Reference Exception occurs when selecting a single part after moving a part stack in the Staging Editor.
* Time Warp Mode' becomes stuck on the screen after resuming from a paused state on the 'Space Center' 
* Title becomes stuck in the 'Change a Flag' menu when attempting to dismiss the menu after previously entering it through the pause menu
* Changing a flag from the 'Space Center' allows the menu to become overlapped with other menus 
* There will be a non-functional 'Remove' option for 'Lost' K.I.A. Kerbals in the Astronaut Complex. 
* The Title terminates while scrolling through the list of ships with a large number of created ships
* Cursor disappears when resuming the title with the cursor previously on any of the advanced mode features
* There is incorrect Options text in the Basic Flight Tutorial on Xbox One. 
* The user is taken to a non functional KSC screen when selecting Recover Vessel during flight Training missions.
* Mission to Tylo Trophy is getting awarded too early
* Collect Data dialog is not capturing the Cross button
* Using look around with EVA makes it move
* Title loses functionality after pausing while reverting to the VAB from the 'Launch Pad'
* In Radial preset, map "Force Physwarp" to a key combo
* Directional buttons make Kerbals rotate while on EVA
* Selecting 'Controls' from the pause menu in the VAB/SPH will block the user
* The 'Pause Menu' can no longer be accessed after deleting a 'Custom Category' in the VAB/SPH
* Changing controls preset before placing the command module in the editor will cause many parts to remain locked
* Ambiguous Circle button terminology is displayed in the second Dialog box of the "Getting Started and Basic Construction" training 
* Fine move does not work when Angle Snap is toggled off in the Vehicle Assembly Building or Space Plane Hanger.
* The title loads a save file incorrectly and loses most functionality when bringing up the pause menu as a save file is loading while in gameplay.
* NREs are generated and players are unable to dismiss the 'Quicksave As...' prompt after reconnecting a controller during flight
* Difficulty options are lost when entering the VAB after editing settings in the Space Center during gameplay.
* Space Center buttons lose functionality after signing back into the active profile in the VAB and SPH 'Change Flag' menu and returning to the Title Screen
* Controls screen will remain on screen until title is closed and reopened if Flight Results screen appears prior to closing
* The 'QuickSave' button prompt has no functionality in the 'Continue Saved Game' menu when there is no created saved data
* PAWs require multiple button presses to appear 
* The User is unable to delete a save file when in gameplay.

Thank you and happy launchings!

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