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Okay, so I've been using Kerbalized SpaceX, Kerbal reusability expansion and FMRS to simulate some Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and BFR launches. My first issue has to do with visuals, the second is about the deltaV readings, and the other is just a peeve that bothers me.

  1. When using any of the parts with inbuilt, or placed RCS thrusters from the mod, (SuperDraco RCS, the Dragon capsules, BFR tank), the RCS exhaust is far too large and bright, and also points in the wrong direction. Has anyone else encountered this problem and have they solved it?
  2. The delta V readings (KER) I get from using the SuperDraco engines from the mod are erroneous. They show a much higher value than should be if following the rocket equation, and I experienced the readings from KER show 2800 m/s in space, and with a 700 m/s manuever, the total readout dropped to around 500m/s
  3. The mass of engines: specifically the Merlin Cluster, and the BFR engines. The mass of the Merlin cluster is 4.0 t (equivalent mass of 9x IRL Merlin 1D engines) , and provides around 9000kN of thrust, which sounds like a ridiculously high TWR for the engine. However, the most powerful stock engine, the Mammoth (15.0 t and 4000kN of thrust). Meanwhile, the Merlin vacuum engine in-game weighs 6.5t for 1000kN of thrust. I just want to know the proper mass of the engines so I don't feel like I'm cheating the game.


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