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Looking for Ground (land/geography) visual enhancement mod


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Most of the mods about visual enhancement is to add/change the texture, like EVE, or rendering the graphics, like Scatter.

And most of the visual effects is on the view of "looking at the planet from space", or "just look at the nice sea water and the lights on the horizon",

However I'm a plane guy, 100% obsessed with aircraft flying INSIDE the atomosphere, so what i wish to find is :

    1. the nice land views you can see in the aerial photographs, like the beautiful forest, mountain and river, (basically it's the enhancement of the "ground setting" in the main setting when you enter the game, which will just simply make the mountain more curved and put more little trees there.)

    2.the clouds exist in the real space of sky, kind of like those Ace Combat games, where your jet can fly into a cloud.


Maybe it's my lame searching ability that i can not find those mods after a month of trying.  So i come here for help, this thread is my first thread here.

I understand that  the first required mod may exists and known by many people (not me:confused:), but the second sounds hard so i don't hold much hope.


Just want to make the flight not that boring, by changing the stupid and simple stock land and mountain with some bad-ass mods.

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Hi @1836440339, welcome to the forums.

To my knowledge there is no one mod that does all that you want.

1.1) check out Stock Visual Terrain (SVT). Note: I haven’t been able to run this because Kopernicus wrecks my already weak FPS currently.

1.2) Kerbal Konstructs allows you to build custom, more detailed map features, but it takes some time. I’ve got a good approximation of the Grand Canyon (mostly working) to fly around in.

2.1)Clouds come from the EVE mod.

2.2) you need a config pack for EVE to actually get clouds, I like SVE, but there are others. You may have to adjust config settings to get the flavor of cloud you like.


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There aren't a lot of ground enhancements like that, and clouds are part of the atmosphere and would be modded by something like EVE. And EVE supports volumetric clouds, which is as close as you'll get to thick clouds to fly through.

My recommendations would be to use Stock Visual Enhancements:

...Along with its companion mod, Stock Visual Terrain:

SVE should provide relatively nice volumetric clouds to fly through, and SVT not only improves the terrain appearance but also gives scatter objects collider meshes. In short, you can crash into trees, rocks, cacti, etc.

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I actually got some pics of my first really successful effort to bring better terrain into the game with Kerbal Konstructs. I don't even have a mod to improve terrain textures installed here, just a height map of a real-world place.



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