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[1.8.+] Real Solar System v18.1.5 [27 Jun 2021]


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5 hours ago, siimav said:

Would you be willing to test it out and submit a PR to Kopernicus? :)

My todo list is rapidly growing, but I'll try it next weekend.

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Posted (edited)

Hello I am having some graphical issues with my install and I have no idea what could be causing it because of all these mods. I tried installing the game myself and the planets looked fine and really awesome but nothing else really worked, the nav ball was messed up, the solar system map was all kinds of messed up so I downloaded someone's GameData folder and tried that and everything works great (for the most part) except two things. Planets are really really bright. Bright to the point that I can't make out what I am looking at on the surface so I have no idea if its ocean or land or what kind of land. Also the orbit line of my ship goes through the planet completely which is really annoying. Any idea what mods could be doing this that I should uninstall or change the settings of some way? This is my first time posting here so let me know if there is anything else I should share to fix this problem.

I am running the current KSP release which the guy who I got this folder from said in his post that it worked with the most up to date version of KSP.

EDIT: Literally after posting this I found out which mod to change the settings of so the brightness issue is gone! It was TUFX. However, I can still see orbit lines through planets so if anyone knows how to fix that please let me know!


Hovering over periapsis not being able to read a thing, also showing orbit line through planet.

EDIT: Fixed except orbit lines are still showing through planets.



Also the Sun is really really annoyingly bright

EDIT: Fixed



Also here is my GameData folder. I know I should figure out what versions I am running but I will hold off on doing that nightmare in case someone knows exactly what mod(s) could be causing this


Sorry again if I am leaving important info out. Just let me know and I'll provide anything else I can.

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42 minutes ago, mateusviccari said:

No. You want the stable branch. 

7 hours ago, Night Raider Xd said:

Kopernicus does not work fore me on 1.9.0 im just stuck on the loading screen and when i uninstall it i load in is there something im doing wrong 

Get the latest *stable release* for 1.9

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