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Rate the rank of the person above you!

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Rules :

  • Forum rules
  • Literally the rules you see on an average "Rate Something Of The User Above You!" threads.

For newbies / those who don't know about member title :

  • Member titles are a line / 'chunk' (?) of text between someone's (Could be yourselves) username and profile picture.
  • In the beninggining beginning, the forum automatically gives you an unchangeable title of "Newbie", you'll get the title "Bottle Rocketeer". This will change automatically as your Reputaion (Number bolded in Green) increases or manually changes according to what the user typed in the "Member Title" bar in Account Settings > Edit Profile.

Let me kick things of real quick.

10/10 Myself. Other than that, just a forum banner.

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Cats are hardly Communists, putting a Male on another Male's area will trigger a fight, so you must be really special.

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On 7/18/2019 at 11:47 PM, Aperture Science said:

once again, a pitiful attempt of Copying A Thread has been ceased by the one with greater powers than of those among us


3/10 meh

Oh would you look at that, a 4-leaved necrothread!

7/10 I keep hearing it places.

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