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Vessel Viewer before loading in VAB

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Started a game with Champlain mod. (picks random names for your vessels) Its pretty cool. :) 

But now I have 20 rockets with random names in my saved vessel library, with no clue what they were for. :( (I did use the prefixes the mod has using only KSC for manned missions and ISC for unmanned, so I do have some clue) [but # of parts in X stages and $ just does not tell enough]

But I was hoping there was some way to expand the little icons the vessel load screen displays to show a better idea of what the vessel looks like without having to load each one to see what it is. That little icon on a 1920x1024 resolution display is just to small to be of much use.

I would rather not have to load each vessel to check if its the old vessel I want to reuse.

Having a mod that would allow me to select a vessel in the load screen and then have a button (in addition to Merge, Delete, Cancel & Load buttons) that says "view" and selecting it would pop open a window with an expanded view of the icon.


Otherwise I would have to switch back to the practice of naming rockets after their function and design. :(

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