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I think kerbal should really rename suggestions & Development Discussions to JUST development discussions and add another forum called suggestions and disallow addon suggestions in addon discussions. why? Because suggestions & Development Discussions is used for talking about KSP development and suggestions... suggestions should be disallowed in that forum and should be separated into another forum called KSP suggestions because addon discussions is almost Exactly the same. Addon discussions allow mod suggestions which is, suggestions. So it should be only for discussions about add-ons.

In case you don't understand

  • Rename suggestions & Development Discussions to Development discussions
  • Add a suggestions channel for mod and kerbal suggestions
  • Disallow mod suggestions in addon discussions
  • Disallow suggestions in suggestions & Development Discussions


It would make things much simpler and less diverse

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Basically, we should never disallow anything anywhere. 

If a thread is off topic for the forum it is posted in, then just report the thread, and it is up to the mods to decide where it should go. 

A thread by a new player may be a legitimate suggestion for the stock game, but another poster points out how that wouldn't be doable in stock, and wold make for a good mod though.   Then the third poster adds that it already is a mod, and provides a link.    This MO is very common in the suggestions forum, but by your rules, would not be allowed to exist at all. 

Adding more complexity to forums is not always a good thing.  Sometimes letting threads evolve and rule themselves is the way to go.   There's no harm if somebody makes a mod suggestion in the wrong place, it can be moved if it's really that far off. 

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Suggestions for add-ons to be made by non-Squad should get moved to Add-on discussions. Suggestions of including mods into stock do belong in S&DD because they would become stock. And suggestions which get implemented would become part of the game's development and so they belong together. So unless I'm not understanding your point, things are already working the way they're supposed to. 

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On 8/11/2018 at 7:31 AM, Jack5.exe said:

Add a suggestions channel for mod and kerbal suggestions

This is not useful, because those are completely different things.

  • Mod suggestions along the lines of "I wish someone would make a mod to do X" go in Add-on Discussions.
  • Mod suggestions for a particular mod (e.g. "I wish mod X had a feature that would do Y") go in the thread for that mod.
  • Any suggestions about the development of the stock game itself go into Suggestions & Development Discussion.

Saying "I wish the stock game would do X" is a completely different request-- addressed to a completely different audience-- than saying "I wish there were a mod that does X."  Thus the distinction.

It's quite simple.  Suggestions for the stock game go in the forum for suggestions about the stock game.  Talk about mods goes in the forum for talk about mods.

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